Chinanews, July 22. Recently, a seminar on the script of the TV series "Overseas Rescue" was held in Beijing. The drama tells about the work and life of contemporary Chinese diplomats.

Group photo of the seminar

  At the seminar, actors Yu Hewei, Feng Yuanzheng, Ding Yongdai, Wu Gang, Guo Xiaodong, Chang Rong, Zhang Xilin, Lu Yi, Li Guangfu, Li Naiwen, He Lin, Jiang Shan, Hao Lei, Zuo Xiaoqing and others sent VCR congratulations.

  At the seminar, participants from relevant departments put forward their opinions on the script review of "Overseas Rescue" from their respective perspectives. They agreed that the cases shown in "Overseas Rescue" were typical, showing the work of diplomats in overseas consular protection. Practicing the "national supremacy, people supremacy".

  At the same time, representatives of relevant departments put forward many professional opinions on the script of "Overseas Rescue" in details such as lines, props, titles, and procedures.

The main creative team stated that it will further polish the script based on the opinions of this seminar to make it more full and complete, and strive to make this TV series a masterpiece.

  Screenwriter Wang Lifu said: "It is a huge challenge to write about contemporary diplomacy. But the script creation of "Overseas Rescue" is a creation of'one plus one is greater than two', and the whole play is full of iron and blood."

  Director Hou Mingjie said that only real events can achieve the greatest empathy with the audience. "We hope that through "Overseas Rescue", the audience can understand this group of people and feel the hard work of these diplomats." Actors Liang Danni and Sun Dachuan hope to be able to. Learn more from the diplomats, communicate more, do more performing homework, and do your best to perform "Overseas Rescue".

  It is reported that "Overseas Rescue" is scheduled to start shooting in 2021.