According to news from the China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group, affected by the water damage, the Guangzhou-Lanzhou train K226/7 departed from Zhengzhou Station to Lanzhou at about 16:30 on July 19. The train was at the second station after leaving Zhengzhou Station. Tielu Station stops, about 40 kilometers away from Zhengzhou City, and has stopped for more than 40 hours so far.

  After receiving the notice of K227 stopping at Tielu Station yesterday, the China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group immediately notified Tielu Station staff to strengthen contact with the train, and purchase emergency food and other supplies from the surrounding areas. After the purchase, the train will be delivered to the station.

At the same time, other personnel were mobilized to purchase items from nearby supermarkets and deliver them to the station to feed the trains.

  The staff continuously looked for purchasing points and delivered the third batch of materials to the station at about 11 pm on July 20.

At present, the fourth batch of more than 3,000 bottles of mineral water and more than 1,000 bags of instant noodles have been delivered to Tielu Station.

  It is also understood that the communication signals around the Tielu station where the train stopped are gradually restored. When the train stopped, there were 805 passengers. There are still about 550 people on the train. Other passengers are picked up by relatives and friends. The passengers on the train are currently safe.

(Main station CCTV reporter Li Weidai)