The “return to common law” in nursing homes.

A new protocol for the management of Covid-19 in establishments for the elderly, hard hit by the health crisis, was enacted on Wednesday.

According to this protocol, the resident protection measures implemented in nursing homes are now “the same as in the general population”.

"If the health situation remains worrying because of the dissemination of the Delta variant, the effectiveness of vaccination today allows a return to common law in establishments", he added.

At the beginning of July, 83% of residents had a complete vaccination schedule.

End of prior appointments and shared meals

Concretely, since Wednesday, visits from relatives have taken place without prior appointment, in rooms as well as in collective spaces, and visitors are no longer asked to complete a questionnaire on arrival.

A traceability register is however maintained, on which everyone must enter their name, address, telephone number as well as the date and time of their visit.

In establishments, collective meals, meals with relatives and collective activities in the indoor and outdoor spaces of the establishment are no longer the subject of specific recommendations.

"All the barrier gestures must continue to be respected by residents, professionals and external visitors, whatever their vaccination status", he is however reminded, insisting on "hand hygiene, wearing a mask indoors, but more outdoors, physical distancing and aeration / ventilation of the premises ”.

No more exit restrictions

Departures are also authorized without restriction (except local decisions to the contrary), without limitation of collective activities on return, but by maintaining screening for unvaccinated residents.

This protocol, which replaces that of June 10, must however be completed in the coming days to integrate the next legislative and regulatory provisions related to the vaccination obligation for caregivers and the use of the health pass in health and medical establishments. -social.


From tomorrow, return to common law in establishments welcoming the elderly!

- Citizenship (@citoyennage) July 20, 2021

Satisfaction among associations

In a press release, the AD-PA association and the Collectives Citoyennage, Familles Ehpad 42, Vital, which bring together elderly people, families and professionals “welcomed” the publication of this protocol, which they had been demanding for several months.

In May, the Defender of Rights denounced a "serious obstacle to the right to private and family life" for nursing home residents during the health crisis.


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