(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Nanjing has designated 10 communities (villages) as medium-risk areas

  China News Service, Nanjing, July 22 (Reporter Yang Yanci) On July 22, Nanjing held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic (second session).

The Nanjing Municipal Health Commission, the Transportation Bureau, and the Civil Affairs Bureau reported the epidemic situation and prevention and control related information to the society.

  According to Xu Minsheng, the second-level inspector of the Nanjing Municipal Health Commission, according to analysis and judgment, Nanjing has accurately delineated the scope of the control area. At present, 10 communities (villages) have been designated as medium-risk areas, including 9 in Jiangning District and Lishui District 1 piece.

  According to his introduction, the six newly added medium-risk areas in Nanjing on the 21st are: Zhangjia Natural Village, Huandunshan Natural Village, Caocun Village, Lukou Street, Waicaofang Natural Village of Yongxing Community, Tongshan Duan Natural Village of Litang Village, Mao Bailihuafu Community Phase III and Maoting Community in Ting Community.

The risk level of other regions remains unchanged.

  At present, Nanjing City has implemented closed management of the communities where the people involved in the positive test live. At the same time, it advocates that citizens are not necessary to stay away from Ning, and those who really need to stay away from Ning need to hold a certificate of negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours.

  As of 13:00 on the 22nd, a total of 13 confirmed cases have been diagnosed in Nanjing, including 7 cases of mild type and 6 cases of ordinary type.