Affected by consecutive days of rainfall, on July 22, slope protection collapses and flooded roads occurred temporarily on some road sections such as Changping Expressway, Changhan Expressway, Jinyun Expressway, Jinji Expressway, Runyang Expressway, Tianli Expressway in the southeastern part of Shanxi. Closed.

  Among them, a total of 4 slope protection collapses and 4 flooded roads were found in the Zuoquan to Licheng section of Tianli Expressway.

The high-speed traffic police and road administration staff have diverted more than 300 motor vehicles that have been stranded on the road.

  At present, the local high-speed traffic police, road administration, maintenance and other departments are doing their best to deal with the dangerous situation.

(Reporter Wang Huilin's video source from Shanxi Expressway Traffic Police No. 3 Detachment)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]