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Gym Visits

Kim Kardashian is a regular at the gym and her kids know it.

Psalm and Saint therefore stop by for some hugs and kisses.

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Armin misses his fans

Dj Armin van Buuren has only done one live performance this year and he finds that strange.

"You have no idea how much I miss your energy dancing for me. Luckily I can still share new music with you because I have an awful lot of new music. That's what you get when you put a producer in lockdown."

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What a party

Marije Knevel takes a moment on Instagram to celebrate her friendship with Splinter Chabot.

The two got to know each other during the most recent season of

Wie is de Mol?


"This man is surely one of the most beautiful things I have left from our WIDM adventure," she captioned a photo with him.

"What a joy to develop such a beautiful friendship. Sometimes I have the feeling that at a certain age you may no longer make new friendships. Like once "before" at school and during your student life. So that's a myth ."

in one day

in one day

A little 

Eloise of Orange can not wait to go on vacation, they wrote Wednesday on Instagram.

The countess, who is training at the hotel school, has recently taken a holiday.

She does not share what her travel destination is.

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The key to Rachel's heart

Rachel Hazes and her son André are having dinner with Sarah van Soelen's family.

On Instagram, André Hazes' widow writes that her son now has the key to her heart.

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Own beach club

Simon Keizer has started something new: his own beach club.

The singer started the adventure with friends and now proudly shares photos of the opening on Instagram.

in 19 hours

Congratulations to Niclas

Sylvie Meis is having a party: it's her husband Niclas Castello's birthday.

The presenter congratulates her husband via Instagram with a photo of their wedding a year ago.

She does not say what the party plans are for today.

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Demi Lovato is impressed by Davina Michelle's singing skills.

The singer has made a cover of 

Stone Cold

and Lovato can only say "wow" about the version.

a few seconds ago

First make-up session

Arjen Lubach doesn't hesitate to get make-up and then share a photo of it.

On Instagram you can see how he has had his eyes taken care of.

"Props for the 12-year-old who got to try their first make-up session on me," he captioned the photo.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago



The last edition of


appears on Tuesday, just under fifty years after the magazine was founded.

Saskia Noort started her career at the magazine and shares an article on Twitter that she contributed to at the time.

"Where it all started", says Noort.

Where it all started!

@DebbyGerritsen #viva @Margotjamnisek


AuthorSaskia NoortMoment of places14: 49 - 20 July 2021

an hour ago

Have a nice holiday everyone

Jan Smit enjoys the sun with a view of the swimming pool.

The singer has brought a puzzle book and is completely relaxed during his vacation.

He wishes everyone, including those at home, the same.

6 hours ago

Proud daddy

Football player Lars Veldwijk is proud: his son Mason has obtained his A diploma.

8 hours ago

Romantic photos

Thomas Berge is in love and he likes to share it with his followers.

On Instagram, he shares two romantic photos with his girlfriend Elianne.

yesterday at 20:16

Sick at home

Maxime Meiland is infected with the corona virus, she said on Instagram on Monday.

It's the reason the pregnant reality star has been quiet on social media for a while.

Meiland celebrated a holiday last week with her boyfriend, daughter, sister, brother-in-law and parents on Curaçao.

It is not known whether other members of the tour group are also ill.

yesterday at 4:05 pm

Together in France

It is also a holiday for Bridget Maasland and her son Mees.

The presenter and her son traveled by car to Lille, France.

"Road trip with the best", Maasland writes on Instagram.

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started early

Chantal Janzen was surprised this morning by her son Bobby with a mess.

The presenter walked into the hallway and saw that he had grabbed a bottle of cough medicine and had spread the drug all over the house.

So mop up early.

yesterday at 09:17

Best friends

Khloé Kardashian doesn't have to look far for her best friends: her daughter True and her nieces Chicago and Penelope are always close.

The reality star shares a photo with the three girls on Instagram.

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two years

A festive day for Richard Groenendijk: today he has been married for two years to his Marko.

The comedian writes on Instagram that it was a beautiful day at the time.

yesterday at 04:21

Live your best life

Shirma Rouse is all out.

The singer enjoys everything the island has to offer on Curaçao and therefore gives her followers a golden tip: live your best life.

yesterday at 04:20

Happy Birthday

Priyanka Chopra is celebrating her 39th birthday today.

Her husband Nick Jonas therefore shares two photos of the actress on Instagram.

A photo from now and a photo from when she was little, in a similar pink outfit.

yesterday at 04:18

Joking While

sharing her patch after the first vaccination


Georgina Verbaan was showered with messages from people who believed she had been paid for it by the government.

That's not the case, she assured her followers at the time, which is why she's joking about it now.

Also this time it is not appreciated by everyone, but the actress is clear: this is her Instagram profile and there she shares what she wants.

yesterday at 04:18

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