Climate: the consequences of inaction are growing

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People move with their belongings in floodwaters in Iversheim, near Bad Muenstereifel, in western Germany, on July 16, 2021, following heavy rains and flooding.


By: Anne-Cécile Bras Follow

50 mins

Catastrophic floods in Belgium and Germany, record temperatures and devastating fires in the United States, Japan, Canada, India, Morocco ... The picture of recent weeks is apocalyptic and the cause is known: it is climate change ! 




Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele,

climatologist, professor at the University of Louvain, former vice-president of the IPCC


Hélène Botreau,

food security and agriculture advocacy officer at Oxfam France. 

To read Oxfam's report: here

Cécile Lochard,

Director of Sustainable Development at Maison Guerlain for the program with Unesco

Women for bees.

To find out more: here.


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