Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, July 22 (Fu Yumei) "The flood came all of a sudden, and we did not prevent it at all." On the morning of the 22nd, a worker in Luozhao Village, Xinxiang City, who was waiting for rescue, told Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client.

  In addition to the provincial capital Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Henan is also experiencing torrential rains.

The Xinxiang Meteorological Observatory announced on the morning of the 22nd that it is expected that in the next 3 hours, heavy precipitation will continue throughout Xinxiang City, and the cumulative precipitation will reach more than 100 mm. Heavy precipitation may cause urban waterlogging and mountain geological disasters.

  Compared to cities with relatively developed communication equipment and concentrated personnel, villages and towns or Henan's heavy rain are more difficult to understand.

The worker himself knew very well that the rescue this time was not easy, and he could only wait.

The following is a collation of his narrative:

  The water on the first floor has reached two meters high, and we have been trapped in the factory for almost one day and one night.

Looking out the window, the crops are like a swamp, and the water level is still rising.

  I am a worker in a mechanical equipment factory in Luozhao Village, Huixian City, Xinxiang City, Henan Province.

At noon on the 21st, the village notified the transfer to a place with a second floor to avoid flooding, and our factory was also selected.

Everyone moved quickly, but unexpectedly, the two old people in the village had just moved to the second floor of the factory when the flood came all of a sudden.

I don't know where the mouth is broken, we have no prevention at all.

  There were 10 other people who took refuge on the second floor with me.

Two elderly people over the age of 80, two women, two students who have just taken the college entrance examination, and the rest are young adults.

  What I am most worried about now is these two elderly people.

The two elders are emotionally unstable and their mental state is not good.

Our food reserve is only a box of instant noodles and a bucket of mineral water.

The old people have no teeth and can't eat noodles dry, so we can only soak the instant noodles in cold water to let them maintain it temporarily.

  Among the 11 people, only my mobile phone has 50% battery power, and the other old man’s mobile phone has 20% battery power. The rest are disconnected from the outside world.

Everyone is very worried about the family's situation, and last night was awake all night.

  I receive comfort messages from the rescue team from time to time, but most of the time, the rescue team is also very busy.

The signal in the village is not good, and it is difficult to get through the phone.

Starting at 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, the car can’t drive into the village. The (rescue team) should come to rescue us in a kayak, right?

As you can imagine, rescue is not easy.

Right now, we can only continue to wait.

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