China News Service, July 22 (Reporter Li Shuzheng) The reporter learned from the Shanghai Songjiang police on the 22nd that recently, a case of property damage caused by a high-altitude thrown object occurred in Songjiang, Shanghai: a 7 kg gypsum board "falled from the sky" and smashed the glass of a car. , The body was also smashed out of the pit.

  Mr. Chen, a citizen who lives in Yexie Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, reported to the police that his vehicle parked in the Punan Wholesale Market was damaged by high-altitude throwing objects.

After receiving the police, the policeman Ren Wenliang drove to the scene immediately and found that the rear window glass of Mr. Chen's vehicle was shattered by a large piece of plasterboard, and the car body was also damaged.

  After investigation by the police, the culprit was an old lady who was over 60 years old, and she did it deliberately.

  As Mr. Chen's parking position was next to the three-story commercial building next to him, the policeman Ren Wenliang immediately entered the building for verification.

When knocking on the door of the occupant of a certain room, Yang, who looked dissatisfied, immediately confessed the fact of parabolic high altitude.

The resentful Yang threw about 7 kilograms of gypsum board left over from his home decoration onto Chen's vehicle from upstairs.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Songjiang Police

  "Why is it illegal for me to throw objects? Why is his car parked next to my shop for so many days, and he should end up blocking my financial path!" Facing the police, the 61-year-old old lady Yang was resigned.

  After further questioning, the perpetrator confided the whole story.

It turned out that Mr. Chen, who is also the owner of the market, parked a small white car next to a shop because of his busy business recently. This move caused dissatisfaction with the shop owner Yang.

  Although Mr. Chen had posted his contact information on the car window to facilitate the movement of the car, the resentful Yang still took extreme actions, smashing about 7 kilograms of gypsum board left over from his house decoration from upstairs to Chen's car.

  At present, Yang has been criminally detained by Shanghai Songjiang Police in accordance with the law on suspicion of throwing objects at height.