Chinanews client, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Zhang Ni) The reporter learned from the Beijing Railway Bureau that due to the continuous heavy rainfall in many parts of Henan, the Beijing West Railway Station lasted more than three days from July 20 to July 22. The train was delayed and suspended.

Up to now, 65 trains from Beijing West Railway Station have been suspended on July 22.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Railway Bureau

  According to the Beijing Railway Administration, Beijing West Railway Station pays close attention to weather changes and train operation order, and releases relevant information in a timely manner.

All cadres and employees worked hard to support the on-site organization work, increase the frequency of on-site broadcasting, increase on-site operation force, and actively do a good job in explaining the passengers on the suspended trains.

  The ticket office has fully opened windows to meet the business needs of passengers for changing and refunding tickets.

Photo courtesy of Beijing Railway Bureau

  In addition, the equipment department has strengthened the inspection and maintenance of the building construction and customer service equipment in the station, and always pays attention to the status of customer service equipment such as inbound ticket gates, display screens, and self-service ticket vending machines to ensure that the equipment and facilities are operating well.

  The railway department reminds passengers that the full refund procedure can be handled within 30 days for stopped trains. Both the 12306 website and the client can handle the refund procedure. Under special circumstances, the refund procedure can also be handled at the national railway station window.