China News Service, Nanning, July 21 (correspondent Xiao Shanshan) Affected by heavy rainfall in Henan, China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. arranged for 22 passenger trains to be suspended to ensure the safety of railway transportation.

  In terms of motor trains, G422/1 times from Nanning East to Beijing West, G2066/5 times from Nanning East to Jinan East, G439/40 times from Zhengzhou East to Guilin North, and G423/4 times from Shijiazhuang to Beihai on July 21. Park sports cars 8 times.

  For general-speed trains, on July 21, Beijing West ~ Nanning K21/22, Zhengzhou ~ Nanning K1627/1628, Nanning ~ Beijing West Z6/5, Nanning ~ Beijing West Z286/5, Nanning ~ Beijing West T290/ 289 times, Beijing-Zhanjiang K157, Haikou-Zhengzhou K458 times; on July 22, Beijing West-Nanning K21 times, Zhengzhou-Nanning K1627 times, and a total of 14 general-speed passenger cars were stopped.

  The major passenger stations of the Nanning Bureau Group Corporation have opened additional refund and change windows to guide passengers through the procedures for changing and refunding tickets, and dispatch additional personnel to strengthen the comfort and explanation work for passengers on delayed and suspended trains.

At the same time, in response to the current rainfall in Guangxi, the key line sections and stations have increased personnel to clean up the water ditches to ensure smooth drainage; equipped with adequate emergency rescue equipment and actively respond to various emergencies to ensure the safety of railway transportation.

  The railway department will pay close attention to weather changes, adjust train operation plans according to the impact of water damage and path changes, and release train operation adjustment information in a timely manner.

Affected by heavy rainfall, some passenger trains may be delayed to varying degrees. For specific information about train operation adjustments, passengers are requested to pay close attention to the station and train announcements, the official website of the 12306 railway, or call the 12306 railway customer service phone for consultation.

  The railway department reminds: Passengers who have purchased tickets for out-of-service trains can go to the window to complete the refund procedures with the original valid ID documents used at the time of ticket purchase no later than 30 days (including the day) from the ticket boarding date.

Passengers who purchase e-tickets through the 12306 website, station windows, sales agent windows and other channels can also apply for refunds directly on the website without any handling fees.