Push this door open and meet the most beautiful Jiayu Pass.

  There is a vast desert 20 kilometers northeast of Jiayuguan City. Do you think this is just a plain Gobi Desert?

In fact, it is not. There are more than 1,400 ancient tombs from the Wei and Jin period at my feet. This is the famous Jiayuguan Wei and Jin tomb, which is also known as "the world's largest underground gallery".

  So how big is this so-called "world's largest underground gallery"?

What is recorded in it?

Who are its tomb owners?

Then follow us and open the door of the Weijin Tomb at Jiayuguan to see the stories that happened here thousands of years ago.

  The Wei-Jin ancient tombs in Jiayuguan cover about 13 square kilometers. Of the 18 tombs that have been excavated and cleaned up, 9 of them have murals, most of them are well preserved, and some of them are as new in color, but now only tomb 6 is open .

  Unearthed here is the most familiar "Poster Map", which became the "Image Ambassador" of China Post in 1982.

  Gao Ying Gao Zhan reports from Jiayuguan, Gansu

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]