This is a "precautionary measure".

In a press release, the Nantes-based company Ose Immunotherapeutics, in the race for the vaccine against Covid-19, announces that its phase 1 trials are temporarily suspended.

A decision taken by the biotech itself after an initial assessment of the side effects observed in about fifty healthy volunteers, who have been participating in this trial since April, at the vaccinology center of the University Hospital of Ghent, Belgium.

The company explains that "persistent nodules at the injection site", but "without pain, without inflammation, without fever" were notably observed following the administration of the vaccine candidate CoVepiT.

It is now a question of "evaluating the evolution of these nodules" before making any decision.

"As always, our top priority remains the safety and well-being of patients," said Alexis Peyroles, CEO of Ose Immunotherapeutics, who hopes "for the clinical development of CoVepiT to resume as soon as possible".

With its vaccine, Ose Immunotherapeutics hopes to be able to tackle all variants of Covid by exploring the path of T lymphocytes which would provide a longer-term immune response.

The company was hoping to hit the market in 2022.


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