As the infection of the new coronavirus continued to spread rapidly, the number of people in Tokyo and Osaka on Sunday 18th was much higher than the average on weekends and holidays during the third declaration period issued from April to June. ..

NHK analyzes the number of people at major points in each region using mobile phone location data collected by IT-related company Agoop with the permission of users in a non-personally identifiable manner. Did.

The analyzed time is

▽ from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm during the day

from 6:00 pm

to midnight the next day at night.

Comparing the number of people on the 18th with the average of weekends and holidays during the period when the third declaration was issued, in

Tokyo, it

increased by 47% during the day and 50% at night near


▽ Shibuya scramble intersection.

▽ In the vicinity of Tokyo Station, it decreased by 6% during the day, but increased by 7% at night.

▽ In the vicinity of Osaka-Umeda Station, it increased by 130% during the day, about 2.3 times, and at night, it increased by 136%, about 2.4 times.

On the other hand, compared to the average of Saturdays and Sundays for the previous four weeks, in Okinawa, where the state of emergency has been declared since May,

▽ increased by 26% during the day and 72% at night near the prefectural office station in Naha city. did.

In addition, in Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa, where priority measures such as prevention of spread have been extended,

▽ decreased by 13% during the day and 35% at night near Omiya Station ▽

6% during the day and near Chiba Station at night. 28% decrease

▽ The area around Yokohama Station also


by 3% during the day and 6% at night.