Ex-member Chris (Chinese activity name: Wu Yipan) of the group EXO has been caught up in allegations of raping a minor in China.

On the 18th (local time), on the Chinese social media Weibo, an article was revealed that Wu Yi-fan had requested a meeting with an interview or fan meeting for casting.

According to the article, Wu Yi-pan made minors drink alcohol and then had sex, and paid 500,000 yuan (about 88.13 million won) in return.

A woman who exposed this content claimed, "When we first had a relationship, I wanted to leave, but Wu Yipan's manager threatened me." She further emphasized, "Wu Yifan has never used birth control every time she had sex. She has never delivered the entertainment support she promised to other women."

Person A said, "I returned 180,000 yuan out of the 500,000 yuan received from Wu Yifan.

A also claimed that over 30 women, including minors, were sexually assaulted by Wu Yi-pan while completely drunk.

As the allegations of sexual assault spread, skin care brand KANS (Korean: 束) has terminated the contract with Woo Yi Pan as a promotional model.

Wu Yipan is a Chinese-Canadian actress and singer based in Greater China. In 2012, he gained great popularity as a former member of the group EXO and EXO-M. However, after two years of activity, he left for China after filing a lawsuit with his agency SM Entertainment to confirm the validity of the exclusive contract.  

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)