Spike Lee has responded to the blunder he committed Saturday night during the Palme d'Or ceremony in Cannes.

The director accidentally announced the winner immediately, while it is normally the intention that the main prize of the festival is announced last.

The 64-year-old Lee went through the dust during a press conference that was filmed by Variety afterwards.

"I have no excuse. I screwed up," said the director, who compared his blunder to something from a sports game.

"I'm the one who misses a free throw or a penalty at the end of the game."

Lee has also already apologized to the directors of the film festival.

Fortunately, he got away with it.

"I screwed up, it's that simple. I've already spoken to the people of Cannes to apologize and they said don't worry."

This year's Cannes main prize went to director Julia Ducournau's Titane.

The French filmmaker is the second woman ever to win a Palm after Jane Campion.

Lee was the first jury chairman of color in the festival's 74 years of existence.

His jury consisted for the majority of women, also unique.

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