He asked her to apologize from Egypt.. Hala Shiha attacks her father: "Everyone leaves him alone."

The Egyptian artist Hala Shiha attacked her father, the plastic artist Ahmed Shiha, with a message on her “Instagram” page, and Hala Shiha’s father had criticized his daughter’s posts in a phone call during the “A Last Word” program, saying: “What is the idea of ​​the post that came down three weeks after it was shown? The movie (Except Me)?.. what is the result of it?

Free post done like this because people attack you?

This is an ambush for a girl.”

He sent a moving message to his daughter crying: “My daughter, as I told you, when your faith is complete, you will know that all these words have nothing to do with our Lord. God is beauty, creativity and innovation. Oh dear, I apologize to all of Egypt for what you wrote.”

Hala Shiha said in her post: "I am, thank God, happy in my life and with a husband I am honored to be my husband and I cherish him, and we are friends before we were husbands, and every word I write and say stems from me, and I am religious by nature, like any Egyptian woman who loves her religion, and this does not disgrace me, and she condemns me." What started more than 15 years ago, it is logical that Moez is not the cause of it.

Shiha added: "Moez Zayi married 14 years of age, and he was stable in his life and has three children, may God grant them beauty, God willing, and his age was not for six as he said, words that are never appropriate, and in the other, my costume did not complete his passport and the divorce occurred and we are all exposed to him, it is natural that He was trying, like any decent man, to find stability in his life in the halal, and he did not agree more than once, and there is no need to discredit anyone, thank God we met and met because our circumstances are very close and I have children like him, and our children are similar to each other, thank God, and we both settled, why is this People get upset, instead of claiming good for each other, we kept hunting for each other.”

In response to Lamees Al-Hadidi's question, "Who's an ambush made?"

The artist’s father said: “We must wait until we know, because we will not attack the girl, this horrible attack, and we will oppress her.” He denied that he had called her after the “post”, adding, “By God, I am upset and against this post and support the statement of the Syndicate of Representative Professions, but I want to wait to know who is behind.” This matter, I will not allow Hala to be kidnapped in any way and stand against anyone, the world, no matter what, she never said that art is forbidden, neither time nor now, even if she is veiled.”

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