F. Gassmann: "a world cycling championship will take place in Africa in 2025"

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Rwanda and Morocco are the two candidates for the organization of the World Cycling Championships in 2025. © Tour du Rwanda

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Today, Sunday July 18, the Tour de France, the world's biggest bicycle race, comes to an end.

Will there one day be in Rwanda, Gabon, Burkina Faso or Morocco, a cycling race as prestigious as the Tour de France?


Yes, it is possible, and from 2025!

 », Answers Frédéric Gassmann, who publishes the book

Le cyclisme africaine


Frédéric Gassmann was the head of the Sports Department at RFI.

Now retired - a very active retirement, he answers questions from Christophe Boisbouvier.


► The book

African cycling

is published by

Editions Amalthée



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