Next month, at the venue of the Tokyo Olympics marathon and racewalking in Sapporo, Ainu songs and dances will be performed to the world, and the people concerned will disseminate the Ainu culture both domestically and internationally to Japan. I want to appeal the diversity of.

According to the people concerned, Ainu people will perform songs and dances at the venue of the Tokyo Olympics marathon and racewalking to be held in Sapporo from the 5th to the 8th of next month.

Participants are Ainu people who are active in various parts of Hokkaido, and each dancer will take measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, such as keeping a distance, and will perform 13 performances such as old-fashioned dance.

The concept of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics is "realization of diversity and harmony", and if the Ainu culture can be disseminated to the world from the venue in Sapporo, the people concerned will be able to convey the diversity of Japan both domestically and internationally. It is said that it can be widely appealed to.

The venue will be the square on the west side of the "Sapporo TV Tower" near the start and finish points of the marathon and racewalking, and will be shown five times during the competition period.