As the number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 in the entertainment industry continues, singer Minho Jang, a former member of the TV Chosun trot audition 'Mr.

The management company New Era Project announced on the 17th that Minho Jang was diagnosed with the virus through a notice on the fan cafe and said, "I am currently in self-quarantine, and there are no special health issues."

Jang Min-ho will cancel all official schedules and follow the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

Jang Min-ho's agency said, "We plan to conduct inspections on all staff and field staff who have overlapped or had contact with them and will take necessary measures."

Trot, including Jang Min-ho, recorded the TV Chosun 'Mulberry School' with Park Tae-hwan, who was recently confirmed, and was preemptively tested for Corona 19 on the 15th.

Except for Jang Min-ho, Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Lee Chan-won, Kim Hee-jae, and Jeong Dong-won tested negative.

New Era Project said, "All of the top 6 members are currently self-isolating. We will do our best to manage the quarantine by actively cooperating with the guidelines of the quarantine authorities."

(Photo = provided by New Era Project, Yonhap News)