By leaving with Machine Gun Kelly for a shamanic getaway in Costa Rica, Megan Fox thought she would live a fun and immersive experience in nature.

On arrival, the actress came back traumatized after having lived "eternal hell" while taking ayahuasca.

“I thought it was going to be like glamping (a contraction of glamor and camping), kind of a 5 star camping experience.

But you get there and it's really in the middle of the jungle, and you can't eat until 1pm.

You have to walk very far to find water, and you cannot shower because there is a drought.

It was not glamorous and it helps to make you vulnerable, a bit so that you surrender to the experience, ”confessed the star during a visit to

Jimmy Kimmel Live!


And in terms of experience, we can say that Megan Fox was not disappointed!

Eternal hell

Before leaving on a psychedelic journey that she will remember her entire life, Megan Fox had to ingest a vomiting drink in order to purge her stomach entirely.

“It was incredibly intense.

Everyone experiences something different, but the second night I was in hell for all eternity.

Just knowing that it is eternity is torture in itself, because there is no beginning, middle or end.

So you have a real ego death… It just goes right into your soul, and it takes you into the psychological prison that you lock yourself into.

So this is your own version of hell, and I was there without a doubt, ”the actress continued.

After such an ordeal, we imagine that Megan Fox will stick to a luxury palace by the beach for her next vacation!


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