On the evening of July 16, at the Swan Lake Station of the Hefei Fire Rescue Detachment, Hefei, Anhui, the fire truck that was on fire was blocked at the intersection due to the rush hour after get off work.

The firefighter was looking at the long queue in front of him. When he was at a loss, suddenly a takeaway boy drove to the middle of the road and flashed the taillights of the food delivery truck to channel the vehicle in front of the fire truck, like a very experienced traffic policeman. Keep making gestures to make the car in the left lane lean to the left and the car in the right lane to lean to the right, quickly making a way for the fire truck.

  In this way, the takeaway boy "escorted" the fire truck all the way, and when he encountered a traffic jam, the takeaway boy rode to the front of the fire truck to clear the fire truck, and the takeaway boy followed all the way to the police station. Nothing, this is what should be done, you must pay attention to safety." Then left silently.

  The behavior of the takeaway boy moved the firefighters very much. Because of his orderly evacuation, the firefighters were able to rush to the scene quickly. Fortunately, the fire did not cause a major impact.

When asked why he wanted to clear the way for the fire truck, he said, "It's nothing, it's a trivial matter, the fire truck is out of the police, fighting a fire is like helping a life."

The fireman who came out of the police said, "I'm really touched. I like my brother and the drivers who cooperated with my brother to move the car!"

  (Yang Chen Wang Jinqiu produced Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]