[Commentary] On July 16, the 2021 Helen Foster·sponsored jointly by the Jiangxi People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the Helen Foster Snow Foundation, the National Friendship Association of the United States, and the Hunan People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Snow Memorial Picture Touring Exhibition opened in Nanchang, Jiangxi.

  According to reports, this photo exhibition takes "Bridge" as the theme, and mainly exhibits more than 120 pictures, all of which are real scenes taken by Helen Foster Snow in China, showing Ms. Snow as the history of the Chinese War of Resistance. Witnesses and participants have made important contributions to the victory of China's Anti-Japanese War during the ten years of living in China. The exhibition will last until mid-October this year.

  Adam Foster, chairman of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation, is Helen's grandnephew.

He said in a video connection that day, "Thank Helen for her photos and works, which let us understand the past and build a bridge to the future. What I am most grateful for is her power as a role model, this power Encourage me to stretch out my hands, make friends and do my part to enhance mutual understanding between China and the United States."

  An Wei, the founder of the Snow Research Center in Shaanxi Province, attended the opening ceremony of the day. He talked to reporters about his understanding of Snow's spirit.

  [Concurrent] An Wei, founder of Shaanxi Snow Research Center

  She has the people in mind, and she will always have the people in mind. The principle of her interviews is seeing is believing, seeking truth from facts. She doesn’t write what she didn’t see in person, and she doesn’t believe what she hears. She must see as believing, and the third is to think independently and not be affected by anything. The influence of personal or partisan thinking is the core of Snow's spirit.

  [Explanation] In an interview with reporters, Zhao Xiuye, Director of Asian Affairs of the US State Legislative Leadership Foundation, said that the Snow spirit has much to learn from and think about for China and the United States today.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Xiuye, Director of Asian Affairs, US State Legislative Leadership Foundation

  When the Snows came to China, we (China and the U.S.) knew much less and much less than we do now, and it was very inconvenient to travel across oceans, but under such conditions, she could instead use a kind of objective To report on China from a different perspective.

At that time, there was no ideological colored glasses.

Today, we see the distorted reports of many American media on us and the vilification of us. In fact, it is very obvious. The difference from her is that she wears tinted glasses, which has a pre-judgment for you.

As the American side (should think), how to remove the colored glasses and restore a real China.

  [Commentary] Helen Foster Snow, under the pseudonym Nim Wells, was born in Provo, Utah, USA in 1907 and died in 1997. He is a famous American poet, writer, journalist and social activist.

In 1937, she broke through the Kuomintang blockade and went to Yan'an to interview Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other first-generation leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. She wrote and published the companion article "Continuation of the Westward Journey" to the world for the first time. Introduced the real situation of Red China, and inspired thousands of enthusiastic young people to go to Yan'an and join the vigorous national liberation movement.

  Huashan Wangwei Liu Zhankun reports from Nanchang, Jiangxi

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]