Gold necklaces, large wardrobes, and pets are also "rolled in"?

  How much does your "Mao Boy" spend a year?

  Some people make "golden necklaces" for pets; some build houses for pets; others raise pets according to "just need" and spend several hundred yuan a month... Has pets started to "roll up"?

While "China’s per capita annual consumption per pet is 6,653 yuan" occupying the hot search on Weibo, reporters from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News visited pet shops and interviewed pet owners to talk about how much it costs to keep pets.

Intern Ren Huajiao

  Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News trainee reporter Wang Can

  Someone customized the "golden necklace" for the dog

  How much does it cost to raise a "hairy child"?

Ms. Li (surnamed Hua), a pet shop owner in Jianye District, Nanjing, told reporters that this fee varies from person to person. Generally, just a few hundred yuan a month is enough for "just-needed" pets and insect repellent.

  If a cat owner buys better-quality cat food, the monthly ration cost is about 200-300 yuan.

In addition, it is necessary to deworm, bathe, cut nails every month, get vaccinations regularly every year, and occasionally buy cat litter, nutrition cream, hair removal cream, toys and so on.

In the case of not getting sick, the monthly cost is between 500-800 yuan, about six to seven thousand yuan per year.

  Of course, there are also some owners who have better economic conditions and especially love their "hairy children", and the expenses paid on their pets are difficult to estimate.

On a short video APP, bloggers often introduce the "luxury version" of pets. Their pets basically don't eat ordinary cat food and dog food, but eat imported tuna, raw bones and meat, and the price is extremely high.

In terms of daily care, eye wash, ear wash, and nutrition are essential. There will also be a specially decorated small house for pets to rest and play.

  The owner, Miss Li, gave a few real examples. One of her customers loves her puppy very much. Instead of buying ordinary dog ​​chains on the market, she went to a gold store to buy six to seven thousand "golden necklaces".

In order to dress up the puppy, a wardrobe closet is specially made at home, and the puppy's clothes are hung in rows.

In Ms. Li’s shop, there are also owners who have no time to take care of their pets and choose the “foster care” service, which costs about 60 yuan a day, double the charge during the Spring Festival.

Some customers choose long-term foster care due to work problems, and the settlement amount is 10,000 yuan each time.

  The cost is related to the sex and body type of the pet

  The reporter also learned from the pet shop owner, Miss Li, that the average price of cat sterilization is about 1,000 yuan. Due to the different difficulty of the operation, the cost of sterilization for female cats is generally more expensive than for male cats, so breeding male cats is relatively more expensive. Cost-effective.

The price of sterilization for female dogs is also more expensive than that for male dogs. Minimally invasive surgery for dogs within 10 kilograms generally costs 2500-3000 yuan, and the cost of ordinary surgery ranges from several hundred to several thousand yuan.

  If you encounter a pet's illness, the medication is also proportioned according to body weight.

Owners of some large dogs are more "lost". Normally, a needle of more than 100 yuan will cost more than a thousand yuan if it is a larger dog like Alaska.

And families with small teddy dogs spend much less on dog food, snacks, cages, and medical treatment.

A pet owner who owns an Alaskan dog told reporters that his pet fell ill for more than a month three years ago, and the treatment cost was more than 70,000 yuan.

  According to CCTV Financial Report, in recent years, the number of pet owners has increased year by year, and the pet owners have also shown younger characteristics.

The willingness of pet owners to spend money on pets is becoming stronger and stronger. The White Paper on China's Pet Consumption Trends in 2021 shows that the pet economy will reach nearly 300 billion yuan in 2020 and will reach 445.6 billion yuan by 2023.

According to the analysis of the Industrial Securities Research Report, the "other economy" is rising, and the pet products industry has a broad space.