• With an outbreak of coronavirus cases due to the Delta variant in Spain and Portugal, the government is advising against these destinations, which are popular with the French for summer holidays.

  • And from this weekend, a PCR test of less than 24 hours will be required for non-vaccinated French travelers before their return to France.

  • Faced with this situation, the readers of "20 Minutes" who had planned to go on vacation tell us their projects.

"A test of less than 24 hours" will be requested at the French borders to travelers not vaccinated against Covid-19 coming from Spain and Portugal, in the grip of a new epidemic wave due to the spread of the delta variant of Covid-19 , declared on Thursday the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune. Already a week ago, he was trying to convince French tourists to give up going on vacation to the Iberian Peninsula. "Those who have not yet booked their holidays, avoid Spain, Portugal in your destinations, it's a word of caution," he prescribed.

"This is a recommendation on which I insist, it is better to stay in France or go to other countries (...), we have a situation which is particularly worrying", he insisted, while stressing that these destinations - highly prized by the French - remained authorized.

Except that many French women and men have already booked their summer holidays there.

To leave anyway or to give it up, the readers of 

20 Minutes

 entrust us with their vacation plans.

"We preferred to change our destination"

If this is only a recommendation, some prefer to play it safe and ultimately will not go to the Iberian Peninsula this summer. Like Maela: “With my husband, we were to go to Portugal in August, but with the variant there, we preferred to change destination”. Ditto for Mireille: “This summer, I'm staying at home! I will not be returning to Portugal anytime soon, as I have been vacationing there for the past few years. There are too many uncertainties with the variant, ”she believes, although she is“ fully vaccinated ”.

Manon was supposed to “go to Spain in September, but we have not yet booked.

And finally, we will rather go to France, or perhaps to Italy ”.

For now, Laura is going “to Barcelona in mid-August.

I haven't changed my plan yet ”.

However, fearing an unfavorable development of the health situation, “I booked a hotel that could be canceled at the last minute.

And if Spain reinstates new restrictions like curfews, closing restaurants, bars and shops that are the heart of the holidays, it is quite possible that we will not go there and fall back on a destination French ”.

"We look at the news related to Portugal every day"

While waiting for the day of her vacation booked since May in Albufeira in the south of Portugal, Justine is watching. “We look at the news every day about the country and we hope that we can get there: we have already paid for the accommodation, our flight and the rental of the car, which is part of our savings. And we were vaccinated in particular to be reassured for our departure ”. The restrictions, the young woman is ready to undergo some. “The curfew at 11 pm and the closing of the nightclubs does not bother us. But we hope that cultural places, beaches, restaurants and shops will remain open ”.

For now, there are still “a lot of uncertainties, worries Mélanie, of Portuguese origin. We planned our summer vacation in Portugal after 2 years without returning to the country. We are vaccinated, and we are following the evolution of the situation and the restrictions ”. Like her, Andreia plans to go to Portugal to see her family again. "It would be difficult for us to give up these holidays in Portugal", confides the young woman, who has planned to go "to Porto, Lisbon and Albufeira ... Either the areas most affected and where the restrictions are more severe, and that worries me ”. So, so as not to be forced to change her plans, Andreia bet on vaccination, "for me and my parents: the vaccine will protect us, and the health pass will open the doors of restaurants and hotels to us".

"No desire to deprive ourselves because of people who refuse to be vaccinated"

Like Andreia, many French tourists have taken the same approach.

“We booked with my partner in the Canaries for two weeks from August 22, and to be able to travel this summer, we got vaccinated.

If we still have the right to go there, we will go there as planned.

No desire to deprive ourselves because of people who refuse to be vaccinated or who do not pay attention to barrier gestures.

We have been deprived enough since the first confinement, it is time to resume a normal life ”.

A philosophy shared by Virginie: “After a trying year, we can't wait to go to the sun in Mallorca.

This trip has been booked for a long time in order to take advantage of affordable prices.

We couldn't afford such a great vacation in France.

Our teens and we were vaccinated as soon as possible, to be protected.

Travel restrictions are enough!

Out of the question to prevent oneself from living!

Some have chosen not to be vaccinated, that they assume the consequences!

The vaccine is free and saves lives, so stop being a conspirator!

I prefer that the vaccine be made compulsory rather than hearing injunctions not to go to such and such a country!


"I have been going to Catalonia every year for 54 years, nothing and no one will prevent me from going there"

And the majority of our readers who have planned their vacations in Spain and Portugal expect to get there as planned. “I have been going to Catalonia every year for 54 years. I experienced the end of the Franco dictatorship, the improvement of the country, the Olympic Games in Barcelona and the covid, says Omar. Nothing and no one will prevent me from going there. You do not have to be afraid ! "

Same credo for Charlene, who leaves “with the family and vaccinated in Catalonia. I will be in my seventh month of pregnancy, but although apprehension is strong, we will leave no matter what. By avoiding overcrowded places if necessary ”. And "anyway, contaminations are also on the rise in France," observes Feedy, who "decided to go to Portugal anyway. Still, I had the coronavirus with complications in March 2020, but I'm not afraid, now it's time to relive! "In addition," we paid a deposit of € 500, adds Tiphaine, who plans to leave with husband and children. Unless the borders are strictly closed, there is no question of not going there! "

Séverine is already in Spain.

“We have been in Catalonia since July 5th.

The health rules here are much stricter than in France and well respected.

Last night at the restaurant, we were even taken the temperature before allowing us in.

We do not feel at all in danger ”.


Coronavirus: Government advises French people not to go to Spain and Portugal for holidays


Coronavirus: Spain and Portugal not recommended ... Can you cancel your vacation at the last minute?

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