Comedian Ha Junsu and Ahn Ga-yeon couple have been receiving requests from viewers of 'Comedy Big League' after they announced their marriage.

On the 14th, on the tvN 'Comedy Big League' viewer's bulletin board, a series of articles were posted saying, "Please let the two of them off."

Ha Jun-su and Ahn Ga-yeon announced their marriage on the 9th.

Afterwards, Mr. A, who claimed to be Ha Jun-su's ex-girlfriend, and Ha Jun-su dated for 8 years, and even promised to live together and marry, but revealed that he had an affair with Ahn Ga-yeon and broke up with him.

In addition, he claimed that he did not receive a proper apology, which shocked him.

On the 12th, Junsu Ha posted a post on an online community, admitting that he had done something that could hurt Mr. A, but clarified, "We broke up by agreement and officially dated Ahn Ga-yeon."

However, at dawn on the same day, Mr. B, who identified himself as the younger brother of H (Junsu Ha)'s ex-girlfriend, posted on an online bulletin board, "They were in a 'real-life relationship.' Or an affair,'" he claimed.

When Ha Junsu was caught up in the 'transfer farewell' and 'affair controversy', viewers of 'Comedy Big League' began to demand his departure, saying, "I can't laugh anymore watching the couple Ha Junsu and Ahn Ga-yeon."

Such public opinion is getting stronger as it is known that the two have participated in the recording even after the controversy. The production team said, "After discussion with the production team, the two decided to participate in the recording of 'Kovik.' As for whether to leave, he added, "There are no plans for the future." 

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kim Ji-hye)