I was chatting downstairs, and suddenly a pair of scissors fell from the sky and slammed heavily on the chair...

  On July 13, Sister Zeng, who lives in a community near Ge Mo Road, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, still had lingering fears when she mentioned the high-altitude parabolic incident encountered the day before yesterday.

On the morning of July 11, she chatted with the residents of the community downstairs, and a pair of scissors fell from the sky, "I almost hit my head." After the incident, she reported to the community property service center and called the police. She wanted to know, exactly Who is parabolic at high altitude?

  According to the reporter's interview, this is not the first time that a high-altitude parabolic has occurred in this community.


  Sky drop scissors terrified residents

  The high-altitude parabolic of the community becomes a "unanswered case"

  The community where Sister Zeng lives is located near the middle section of Shuangnan Avenue, Shuangliu District, Chengdu. There is a large floating population in the community, and most of the residents are tenants.

  After 11 o'clock in the morning on July 11, Sister Zeng and the residents were chatting downstairs in Unit 2 of Building 28. Suddenly, with a "bang", an object fell from the sky and hit the chair, and then slipped from Sister Zeng's skirt to the ground.

This scene really shocked the residents.

They took a closer look, and it turned out to be a pair of scissors. "Fortunately, it didn't hit anyone, it's too dangerous!"

  After the incident, Sister Zeng shouted to the residents upstairs: "Which one is throwing things! I don't know if it is dangerous to hit someone?" Then, she gave feedback to the community property service center. The property staff rushed to the scene after learning about it. And called the police.

After the police from the nearby police station arrived, they knocked on the doors of the residents upstairs one by one.

  However, no resident has ever admitted that scissors have been dropped in their homes, or that they have acted like throwing objects from a height.

Therefore, this incident became an "unknown case."


  Falling objects from height is not the first time

  I even dropped a wine bottle upstairs

  On the morning of July 13, the reporter came to the community and found Sister Zeng.

She took the reporter to the downstairs of Unit 2 in Building 28 and restored the incident that day.

  "It almost hit me on the head." Sister Zeng felt terrified. She said, "This is not the first time the residents upstairs have lost something..."

  The owner of a supermarket downstairs in the unit said that there had also been a high-altitude throwing incident in this building before. “The last time I poured water and threw a bottle of wine, but I didn’t find out who threw it.”

  The reporter noticed that there are a total of more than a dozen floors in the 2 units of 28 buildings. Except for the first floor, the other floors are occupied by residents. Some people have installed anti-theft guardrails or windows, and some have no security.

  In addition, the reporter also noticed that at the entrance of every unit building in the community, there were warnings that "parabolic objects from high altitudes are complaining about people's anger".

  Respond to

  Checked door-to-door

  A group presentation will be held next

  On the morning of the 13th, Ms. Yang, a staff member of the property service center of the community, told reporters that after receiving the report from Sister Zeng on the 11th, the property and the police from the police station went upstairs to conduct door-to-door inspections and inquiries to the residents, and informed everyone that they were throwing objects from above. The harm.

  "As a property, we have no law enforcement power, but can only persuade and promote." Ms. Yang said that the community has relatively high mobility. Prior to this, a high-altitude parabolic incident occurred in 23 buildings.

  Ms. Yang told reporters that since no specific parabolic was found, they will join the police from the police station to convene the residents upstairs to conduct a collective presentation.

  The reporter learned from the information provided by the owners and property staff that some people speculated that the reason for the frequent occurrence of high-altitude parabolic objects is likely to be related to the frequent noise of the residents downstairs.

  West China Metropolis Daily-cover news reporter Song Xiao