China News Service, Xiangyang, July 13 (Hu Chuanlin, Xiao Qingxin) After more than a year, Tong Yan, an aid doctor from Liaoning, returned to Xiangyang, Hubei on the 13th. The first thing was to come to the hospital where he was working and relive the war. Epidemic scene.

  In the morning of the same day, Tong Yan took his wife and two daughters to the Dongjin District of Xiangyang Central Hospital and was warmly received by the hospital leaders and "comrades-in-arms".

"Xiangyang Central Hospital welcomes the heroes of the war against the epidemic to go home!" Although only a doctor Tong Yan came to Xiangyang this time, the hospital still hung a welcome banner at the gate.

At that time, many medical staff who fought side by side with Tong Yan held flowers in their hands and waited early at the entrance of the hospital.

Everyone also deliberately found out Tong Yan's work photos of rescuing patients in the hospital, and enlarged them into posters.

  On February 17, 2020, when the epidemic situation in Hubei was most urgent, Tong Yan from the Critical Care Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical College came to Xiangyang with the second batch of Liaoning aid medical team, and was then assigned to the east of Xiangyang Central Hospital. ICU ward in Tianjin hospital area.

At that time, the ward was the designated hospital in Xiangyang City for the treatment of critically ill patients with new coronary pneumonia, and most of the critically ill patients in the city were treated here.

Tong Yan was working in the ICU ward of Xiangyang Central Hospital at that time (data map) provided by the interviewee

  When Tong Yan came to the hospital, he immediately devoted himself to the rescue and treatment of patients, leaving many unforgettable moments and touching scenes.

Tong Yan said, thinking back to more than a month in Xiangyang, there were hardships, touches, sorrows, and happiness.

I walked into the ward where I was working again after a lapse of more than a year, and the intense treatment scene is still vivid.

The hospital has already returned to normal diagnosis and treatment order, and the deserted streets that year are now busy.

  Taking advantage of the vacation time to return to Xiangyang, Tong Yan also wanted to take his family to visit Gulongzhong, the ancient city wall of Xiangyang, and the Tangcheng film and television base, in addition to thinking of the places where he had fought.

"This place in Xiangyang has history, culture, and beautiful scenery. When I came last year, I didn't have time or the mood to play. I must take a closer look this time." Tong Yan said.