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The very first show of daddy

Kiki, the daughter of Simon and AnneMarie Keizer, was present for the first time on Sunday evening at a performance by her father and Nick Schilder.

"From start to finish she watched breathlessly and occasionally did a dance in between," writes AnneMarie, who herself had to shed a tear.

"I've never seen Simon so nervous," she says.

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in 3 days

Catching up

Now that 

Coffee Time is

having a summer break, Patrick Martens and Quinty Trustfull see each other a lot less and sometimes it is necessary to catch up.

The two presenters do that today, because they have to wait more than a month and a half before they see each other again in the studio.

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Never really gone

Lisa Vol, one of the sisters of the group OG3NE, reflects on the death of her mother in 2017. "Four years without you… how can time pass so quickly and at the same time feel like an eternity?" she asks. wonder.

She describes the lack as "lead in her shoes", while the beautiful memories are like a "jewel around her neck".

"The kind words and wise advice you gave me are a road map in my hands, your marks are in my DNA. So are you really gone? Never."

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Hip, hip, hooray

Marieke Elsinga turned 35 today and is celebrating it big.

First she was surprised with balloons in the shower and now her colleague Mattie Valk has arranged a boat on which to celebrate.

Danny de Munk is there and they all eat rainbow cake.

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A mini reunion

Who is the Mole?

 creates friendships every year and Mol Renée Fokker is very happy with that.

The actress received a visit from fellow candidate Joshua Nolet and his girlfriend last weekend.

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Time for a break

Connie Breukhoven gives her followers a positive message every morning, but the past week she has been rather quiet.

Now she tells us why: the attack on Peter R. de Vries has really affected her.

"In addition, there are now the threats regarding

RTL Boulevard

! I have therefore decided to distance myself from everything for a while, I am only human and since this sad event has taken place I don't feel the need to have fun on my Insta now! "

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Seize the day

Maik de Boer lives a large part of his time in Barcelona and the weather there is a lot better than here in the Netherlands.

The stylist enjoys his surroundings and 'seizes the day' in front of the Sagrada Familia.

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