The "cooling artifact" is selling well, is it really useful or a big flicker?

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  In the scorching summer, various "cooling artifacts" have been selling hot on e-commerce platforms recently, with prices ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan.

However, some "cooling artifacts" are only useful for a while, some are just marketing gimmicks, and some, although they can quickly cool down, if used carelessly, they may become dangerous "harmful weapons".

Therefore, consumers should not blindly follow the trend of buying, but should consume rationally.

  At the moment, the high temperature and scorching heat have become a major trouble in the lives of residents.

In this context, various Internet celebrities "cooling artifacts" are selling hot on e-commerce platforms, and they have become summer darlings of many consumers.

Many online bloggers have also recommended related products on social platforms and shared their own coups to cool off the heat.

  However, do these "cooling artifacts" really have those functions in publicity?

What should consumers pay attention to before buying?

Recently, a reporter from "Workers Daily" conducted an investigation and interview on several popular "cooling artifacts" and found that some products have the problem of exaggerating efficacy.

In addition, some "artifacts" still have potential safety hazards, and consumers need to be careful when buying them.

  "Internet celebrity cooler artifact" refurbished

  On July 8, the reporter searched for keywords such as "heat-relief artifact" and "cooling artifact" on an online shopping platform, and a variety of summer internet celebrity products came into view.

The prices of these products vary, ranging from "cold stickers" for "a piece of less than two dimes" to "cooling spray" for tens of dollars a bottle, and small household appliances such as portable fans and refrigerating cups that cost hundreds of dollars. .

  Although the principles are different, these "artifacts" are selling very well. Some products have sold thousands of copies each month, and the monthly sales of one "ice cool sticker" even exceeded 40,000 copies.

  Among the many "artifacts", small fans that are easy to carry and have low noise have attracted the attention of a large number of consumers.

This type of portable fan has both handheld models and desktop models.

At present, some brands have also launched a "hands-free" hanging neck model, and more "brain-open" businesses place fans in the parasol compartment, allowing buyers to hold the umbrella while blowing air, and enjoy the "double Cool".

  There are also some anti-heat products for the skin, such as cooling ice patches, cold wet wipes, and cool toilet water.

When promoting, some businesses said that their products had added "cooling factor".

Based on this, relevant experts said that most of the "cooling factors" of these products contain menthol ingredients, which act on the skin and can indeed have a certain cooling and toning effect.

  In addition to the above-mentioned types of "heat-relief artifacts", the products launched by merchants for the summer market are still being refurbished.

There are "cold towels", ice cushions, and summer mats made of special materials, and "mask burst beads" to cope with the sultry heat of masks.

The word "cool" seems to have become a magic weapon for attracting consumers in summer.

  The actual effect lasts not long

  However, in interviews, many consumers told reporters that although the "artificial heat-relief device" is easy to use for a while, it is also "a cure for the symptoms but not the root cause."

"Ice-cold stickers, Jinliang toilet water, etc. do make people feel cool when they first use it, but the effect is not long-lasting, and it won't be cold for a while." Shanghai office worker Xiao Jing told reporters.

  "Pinch two inside the mask to freshen the air, not sullen or cover it." This is a slogan of "powerful mask bursting with beads".

As the summer temperature rises, wearing masks when going out has become an annoyance for many citizens.

Recently, a type of "artifact" designed to deal with the sultry heat of masks has gradually become popular on the market.

According to merchants, as long as two of these "mask beads" are popped on the inside of the mask, the effect of refreshing breath and effective heat prevention can be achieved.

  The reporter observed that some pharmaceutical brands have also launched similar "mask burst beads" products.

What is noticeable is that a certain brand also slogans “masks bursting with pearls” with the slogan “mask health partners respond to human-to-human transmission of the virus”.

However, can this kind of small "burst pearls" really not only cool off the heat, but also prevent viruses?

  After observing the product packaging, the reporter found that the ingredients of the "mask burst beads" contained extracts of such medicinal materials as peppermint and patchouli.

Experts said that in terms of drug efficacy, the two Chinese medicines of peppermint and patchouli do have the effect of clearing heat and inhibiting bacteria, but the conventional use is oral, and this kind of "fired pearls" is mainly used to stimulate the nerves after inhaling the respiratory tract through the smell of traditional Chinese medicine. Then it produces an effect. Compared with direct administration, the effect of the medicine may be much different.

  In August last year, the Hangzhou market supervision department evaluated the cooling masks on the market.

The evaluation found that so-called cooling masks containing mint can bring a certain cooling sensation, but the duration is not long, and it cannot fundamentally solve the problem of sultry masks. It is basically a gimmick of the business.

  In addition, according to the comments of some online buyers, some of the lower-priced "battered pearls" "flavor is too strong, not cool, but rather unpleasant."

  "Artifact" or "kill weapon"?

Security hazards need to be vigilant

  It is worth mentioning that a "cooling spray" has quickly become popular on major social media recently and has been enthusiastically promoted by many anchors with goods.

The sales page shows that the main application of this kind of spray, which is known as "one shake and one spray", can cool down extremely quickly is the interior of a car with high temperatures in summer.

Many consumers said after purchase, "It relieves the trouble of getting hot on the steering wheel and car seat after exposure to the sun."

In addition, businesses show that the spray can also be used to cool the human body to relieve the pain of sprains.

  However, for this "cooling artifact", the fire department reminds consumers to use it with caution.

According to CCTV News, the fire department of Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province conducted safety experiments on this type of "cooling spray".

The results show that because the composition contains propane, butane and other flammable substances, if this type of spray encounters an open flame during use, it will burn quickly.

Therefore, if you smoke in the car immediately after using this type of spray, it is very easy to cause a fire and bring huge safety hazards to consumers.

On the other hand, inhaling butane can also have certain side effects on the human body.

Therefore, although it can quickly cool down the temperature, once it is used carelessly, this "cooling artifact" will immediately become a dangerous "harmful weapon".

  In addition to this type of spray containing high-pressure gas, a type of "cooling spray" that acts on clothes is also popular on the market.

This kind of "clothing spray" is safer than high-pressure gas spray, but its composition also contains flammable substances such as ethanol, so the product is also marked in the instructions for use "not to be used in large amounts in indoor fire sources."

  Li Bin, a lawyer from the China Consumers Association's lawyers, suggested that consumers should not blindly follow the trend when buying cool products in summer. Instead, they should conduct rational consumption after comprehensive consideration of the safety, quality, and actual efficacy of the product.

Relevant departments must strengthen market supervision, especially for Internet celebrity products with potential safety hazards, to take the initiative to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Yang Zhaokui

Yang Zhaokui