Sylvie Meis wanted to pay tribute to Queen Máxima with the dress she wore at last week's state banquet in Germany, she tells the German magazine


The 43-year-old Meis, who has lived and worked in Germany for years, was invited to the state banquet by the German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender and met the Dutch royal couple on that occasion.

According to some, the dress Meis wore was too daring in color (red) and design (one bare shoulder, just like Máxima, but also a high split and bare back) and stole the spotlight from Máxima.

Meis received the invitation to the state banquet about two weeks in advance, she tells


"As a result, my team and I no longer had the time to ask a designer for a new dress. We were inspired by Máxima's look and ordered a lot of clothes online, including the red dress."

Everyone was immediately enthusiastic about it, says Meis.

"You had the

one shoulder look

, a great cut and beautiful details. The split went to the knee, which I found sexy but appropriate. I am still happy with my choice of clothing as it was definitely an ode to how beautiful I was Queen Máxima and how great she always dresses for these kinds of occasions."

Sylvie Meis met the royal couple at a state banquet in Germany.

Sylvie Meis met the royal couple at a state banquet in Germany.

Photo: BrunoPress