Every year, the dangers of the sun on our skin are mentioned.

But we too often forget to talk about the effects of UV on hair.

At the end of summer, the scalp is generally very damaged with a straw effect on the ends.

Discover some tips to avoid this unpleasant effect.  

The sun is dangerous for our skin but also for our hair.

Rough, brittle and dry ... At the end of the summer, they have lost all of their shine.

From now on, it is necessary to take care of it according to specialists.

Europe 1 gives you some tips to protect your hair during your beach vacation. 

What is bad for our hair?

Exposure to the sun and the hair turns to straw. In summer, all mugs are at risk. And the thinner the hair, the more vulnerable it is. "We can imagine the hair as a roof of a house with tiles where the latter are called scales. From the first day of exposure, the scales begin to swell, the second they peel off and the third they are completely raised", details François Laly, hairdresser for René Furterer salons. "Once the holes have formed, UV rays penetrate the hair and damage the keratin, so there is no more protection," he continues.

The hair then becomes very dry and brittle.

But the sun is not the only risk factor.

Who says summer, says swimming.

Very salty seawater and chlorine in the swimming pool can also cause damage, especially on the color.

"It opens the scales slightly, releases the pigment a little and therefore reveals somewhat harmful reflections", explains Axel Joubert, hairdresser for Jean-Marc Joubert salons.

For brunettes, the color may turn "red-orange" and for blondes "the yellowish side" may stand out, according to Axel Joubert.

How to protect the scalp from the sun?

Before going out, apply an anti-UV spray to your hair.

This hair cream, like the one used for the skin, will protect you from the rays.

It should be applied from root to tip, before and during sun exposure.

And don't forget to add a good dose after swimming!

After sun exposure, use after sun oils.

And at night, leave a moisturizing mask for your scalp under a hot towel.

Finally, the best solution is to wear a hat or a bandana at the beach.

Is it a good solution to lighten strands in the sun?

Summer hair lightening is never a good sign.

"It is quite simply the oxidation with the sun, the scales are thus raised and the hair is damaged", affirms François Laly.

Clearly, if you have locks a little more blonde, it is already too late.

At the start of the school year, you will have to cut everything or do a keratin treatment, if it is still recoverable.

To lighten the hair, it is better to buy a spray intended for this purpose.

They can be found in cosmetic stores or drugstores.

A tip: remember to see if there is no hydrogen peroxide in the composition of the product so that it does not turn red.

Other more natural tips exist to lighten your hair in summer. Naturopathic doctor Angèle Ferreux-Maeght recommends applying lemon and then letting it air dry, or even using honey. "You can put two good tablespoons in your hair mask and leave it on for about fifteen minutes," she says. One of the most effective methods, according to Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, especially for brunettes, is to rinse her clean hair with an infusion of chamomile. Latest techniques: apple vinegar or baking soda, but only for blondes and blondes.