Graduation speech "Out of the circle"

The distress and gains of Cheng Min's livelihood, "net celebrity professor" of Henan University

The golden sentence of Professor Cheng Minsheng's "out of the circle":

  "You can't lie down all the time! You can lie down past the first day of the first year, but less than 15 years!"

  "Innocent and greasy, what can kindness be? Kindness and evil spirits!"

  "I hope to see you succeed and get rich, and I hope to see you happy, even if it is silly and happy!" ......

  "Innocence and greasiness, kindness and evil spirits"...Not long ago, at the 2021 graduation ceremony of Henan University, the graduation speech of the doctoral supervisor of Henan University and the distinguished professor of Henan Province Cheng Minsheng made a series of golden sentences, impassioned, and quickly went out of the circle.

  According to the official website of Henan University, Cheng Minsheng was born in 1956, was admitted to the university in 1977, graduated from the History Department of Henan University in 1981, graduated from the History Department of Jinan University in 1985, and graduated from the Song History Study of Hebei University in 1990. room.

He is currently a doctoral supervisor of the School of History and Culture of Henan University.

  In fact, in the school, Cheng Minsheng has long been the "treasure scholar" in the hearts of students and teachers. He is humorous, humorous, and knowledgeable in class.

Cheng Minsheng’s students posted on the Internet that Professor Cheng is a teacher who respects students and always calls “you” when communicating with his classmates, and never even calls himself a “teacher”.

  It has been a month since the graduation speech became popular. What changes have been made in the work and life of Professor Cheng Minsheng?

What does he think of his sudden popularity?

What was the original intention of the speech at the graduation ceremony?

  On July 7, in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News, as soon as the phone was connected, Professor Cheng’s first sentence was: "I am Cheng Minsheng." When chatting with reporters, his tone was high and emotional. Full, and in the same state as at the graduation ceremony.

  However, the popularity this time made this scholar who likes studying in the study a little bit distressed.

"I don't want to be famous. As a scholar and a teacher, you have to be content with loneliness, so that you can learn." Cheng Minsheng reluctantly said that the job of a scholar is a study, and the job of a teacher is a classroom, not a hot search on the Internet.

Although being in the hustle and bustle made him a little bit distressed, Cheng Minsheng was also very pleased that the majority of netizens were boosted by his speech, and many people hope to apply for Henan University. "This is also an additional gain."

I think the secret to becoming popular is "speaking the vernacular and telling the truth", but troubles also follow after scholars "out of the circle"

  Chengdu Business Daily: Your speech at the graduation ceremony of Henan University went viral. Did it surprise you?

  Cheng Minsheng: I know that speeches at the graduation ceremony will be popular, but I did not expect to be "out of the circle". In fact, this is not what I want to see, I don't want to be famous.

As a scholar and a teacher, one must endure loneliness and be willing to be lonely.

In other words, loneliness can be learned.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: Many netizens commented that your speech was touching. What do you think is the reason for the touching?

  Cheng Minsheng: Actually, my speech is in the vernacular, telling the truth, and having the true feelings. I write and read this manuscript with emotion.

It didn’t take long for me to prepare, so I wrote it down when I had inspiration, and it took half an hour to organize it, and the time span was about 4 days.

Students and the majority of netizens like to listen to the truth. This is human nature.

Once a painter said privately that you spoke very grounded.

At that time, I was taken aback. How could there be talks about being grounded or ungrounded?

Later I understood, what is groundedness?

Just talk well, say what everyone can understand, and just tell the truth in the vernacular.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: After the speech became popular, what impact will it have on your work and life?

  Cheng Minsheng: There are a lot of interviews, which has delayed me a lot of time... I can't use it for learning and teaching students normally. This is something I don't want to see. I don't like such noise.

  At first I did not want to be interviewed, but why did I accept the interview again?

Because I think this is a boost to the humanistic spirit, the pursuit of learning and sentiment, and it is also a publicity for our Henan University.

I have seen a lot of comments. Many netizens and students have made it clear that they want to apply for Henan University and are willing to learn from me. This is actually an additional gain.

"Lying flat", "greasy" undesirable, "truth, goodness and beauty" are always worthy of yearning

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: In your article, you have always emphasized innocence and kindness. What kind of considerations are this out of?

  Cheng Minsheng: Kindness and innocence are actually true, kind and beautiful.

Kindness is the "innate kindness", it is not learned, since people are originally good in nature, they are born with genes.

Innocence is hidden in the bottom of my heart.

The social saying is that when a person matures, it means that innocence is removed.

This is the standard of society, but I still hope that the innocence thing will not be obliterated. It must be hidden in the bottom of my heart. It is an oasis.

  There are indeed a lot of falsehoods that deceive you in the society. They are very complicated, but the truth, the good and the beautiful won’t work anymore?

I have singled out this issue and let everyone yearn for it. I believe that "kindness can ward off evil spirits". I think it is meaningful and helpful to society.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: There are a lot of hot words in your speech, such as "lay flat" and "greasy". Why did you think of using these online words in your speech?

  Cheng Minsheng: There are some things that cannot be said too formal or too preaching, so young people will be disgusted. A few simple words in the vernacular are accepted by everyone. This is indeed beyond my expectation.

I have no intention of collecting online vocabulary specifically, which is of no use to historians.

But because I often swipe my phone to read WeChat, I can't avoid these commonly used online languages. After I understand it, I think it's good, so I use it.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: As a university professor, what do you think of the young people now calling out the word "Lieping"?

  Cheng Mingsheng: The word "lying flat" has never been seen in history.

Do young people have their last resort?

Employment, mortgages, and other various pressures, no matter how hard you work, just quit?

They have the right to "lie down", but I also believe that they will not "lie down" forever. This is where I am optimistic.

  In addition, the state has the responsibility and obligation to adjust and open a channel for the rise and struggle of young people.

This kind of "lying flat" cannot be more and more, it should only be less and less.

The graduation speech is only to boost students' confidence and prepare them to step into the society

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: What is the most important core of your speech?

  Cheng Minsheng: Boost the confidence of the students.

The graduation ceremony means that the students are about to enter the society. As teachers, we must prepare them to go into the society and give them the courage and confidence to go into the society.

  The young people nowadays seem to be confused and a little bit "mournful".

Many high school students apply for majors after the college entrance examination. They don't have any ideas or know what they like. It is the teachers and parents who have the final say.

I was surprised at first, thinking it was an isolated phenomenon, but later found out that it was not. It was the same for many people in this generation, which made me very worried.

  I saw some comments from netizens who should have been graduating for many years. They said that the students present might not realize the importance of these words, but they did. Many years after graduation, they felt the importance and inspiration of these words. Sex.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily: In your speech this time, do you also want to share your life insights?

  Cheng Minsheng: This kind of life perception is involuntarily revealed, which involves my life philosophy and the choice of themes and viewpoints in the speech. There must be my personal experience in it.

Contemporary young people lack motivation to learn, scholars should stay away from the hustle and bustle of the Internet

  Chengdu Business Daily: As a university professor, you have been dealing with young people for a long time. What do you think is the difference between contemporary young people and your generation?

  Cheng Minsheng: In addition to the sense of mission, the biggest difference is the motivation for learning.

I am in the 77th grade. We were active and eager to learn back then, without the supervision of teachers and parents.

We also have no pressure for employment, no pressure for various assessments, just pure learning.

I remember very clearly that when I heard that a magazine published a novel, everyone copied it and posted it on the wall.

Some of the best-selling books at that time, everyone took turns reading all night, you look at the middle of the night, I look at the middle of the night... At that time, I was really hungry for learning.

  It seems that young people are not motivated by their own to study. To a greater extent, it is because the family plays a role in society and lacks motivation.

Another very important factor is that there are too many temptations in society.

Of course, the employment pressure of students is also great, and they are very anxious.

My graduate students do their thesis in the last semester, and they cannot graduate without a thesis. This time is a critical period for interviews, which is often conflicting. I understand it well.

  Chengdu Business Daily: Will you continue to share with the students next year's graduation ceremony?

  Cheng Minsheng: I think the school will never do that again, and I will never do that again.

Why, it seems that our school is empty, haha.

As far as I am concerned, I can't do this full-time.

Also, can I surpass this year?

But it's super, it's a dog's tail, and it's boring to find yourself.

The job of scholars is the study, and the job of teachers is in the classroom, not on the hot search on the Internet. It is too noisy.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Qiu Junfeng