• During a summer month, the Château de Bonrepos-Riquet, 15 minutes from Toulouse, hosts a new and immersive game that will make your blood run cold.

  • 20 Minutes

    has tested for you this curious concept, sometimes physical, sometimes cerebral, halfway between Fort Boyard and an escape game.

  • We tell you what it feels like to be stalked by zombies.

“But you are nuuuuls! Go get out there, swarm ”. When the kind invitation comes from Jimmy the zombie, the one who has just threatened to grill you barbecue-style in a cage, probably not to be the only one whose skin texture leaves something to be desired, you are not doing yourself pray. You start running without asking for anything else, even if it means slipping through the slush. And without knowing that his friends, even more sadistic, are waiting for you at the end of the forest path in the park of the castle of Bonrepos-Riquet.

It must be said that the building, the one where the inventor of the Canal du Midi tested its mechanisms, already has a heavy past.

The inhabitants of the village know well that Dorothée, the grand-grand-daughter of the great man, guillotined under the Revolutionary Terror, has been wandering up and down the floors in search of her head.

The castle, bought by the town hall in 2007, and since gradually restored with the sweat of volunteers, also occasionally drains its share of ghost hunters with clocks.

For you who will never be invited to Fort Boyard

But there, for a week, authentic howls of terror have been rising at night, and even before, from the walls of the castle. Those of the players of the "Riquet's Curse", this new concept of "survival course". "It's a mixture of 

Fort Boyard

, Puy du Fou and Escape Game", summarizes Aurélien Witasse, the creator of the scenario. Always on the lookout for playful trends "in the States or in Asia", he wanted an "immersive show", that "the player believes himself in a film".

So, in the team of ghostbusters recruited by

20 Minutes

- who missed a few padlock codes but with panache, only had one life ripped off and lost only one teammate, found at the refreshment bar in the tavern for shortness of breath - we validate the three sources of inspiration.

Le Puy du Fou for the heart put to work by the ten actors responsible for terrorizing the players.

With a good dose of irony and exceptional heat resistance under masks.

And, yes, we poor anonymous resigned to never being invited to Father Fouras' fort, we believed in it.

But we will not tell you where or at what time of the course, it would kill the quest.

Too terrified to think

The spirit of escape games was there too.

But we must confess that we tested before nightfall.

"At night, some go by so quickly, in survival mode, that they forget the puzzles," admits Alexandra Rivière, the director of the company producing the game. And we understand them, convinced that our nervous laughter could have been transformed. in cries of terror in the dark night.

Be careful, unless there is an event still in the field of the paranormal, Riquet's curse must be lifted on July 24.

Until then, shiver well.

And know that the walls of other jewels of Toulouse's heritage could soon shake.


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The game is played in teams of eight, day and night, until July 24.

It lasts 1h30 and costs 35 euros per person.

It is also prohibited for children under 14 and not recommended for children under 16.

Don't forget your (surgical) mask and forget the sandals.

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