The discovery of the third largest diamond in the world in Botswana

A huge rough diamond with a silvery reflection was discovered in Botswana last June, which has become the third largest diamond in the world, according to the Canadian company Lucara.

The discovery of the 1174-carat gemstone dates back to June 12, ahead of another diamond found on June 1 in the country by another mining company.

Lucara General Manager Naseem Lahri described the stone as a "historic discovery for the company and for Botswana as well".

"This diamond is third in the ranking of large stones," she proudly told AFP during her presentation of the diamond to the government in Gaborone.

This discovery reinforces Botswana's leading position in the world in terms of the largest stones, as it raises its balance of the largest diamonds in the world to six.

President Mokwetsi Masisi hailed this "wonderful moment" and expressed his satisfaction at the increased pace of diamond exploration in his country.

The diamond, discovered on June 1, weighing 1,098 carats, is owned by the government-owned Depswana Company and De Beers, a South African diamond trading company.

The largest known diamond, Cullinan, weighing over 3100 carats, was discovered in South Africa in 1905.