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The Israeli Government, which is experiencing an increase in



due to the

Delta variant

, has presented a new study in which it indicates that the effectiveness of the



against this variant is 64% and not 94% as believed in a start.

The study, published in the Financial Times, states at the same time that the


was 93% effective in preventing hospitalizations and serious illnesses from the


The data of the coronavirus in Spain

Total figures

: 3,866,475 confirmed coronavirus cases with diagnostic test of active infection;

There have been 80,934 deaths with a positive test as of July 5.

  • 626,891 in Andalusia (10,073 dead)

  • 128,024 in Aragon (3,551 dead)

  • 55,260 in Asturias (1,978 dead)

  • 63,431 in the Balearic Islands (844 dead)

  • 62,740 in the Canary Islands (795 dead)

  • 32,782 in Cantabria (570 dead)

  • 197,230 in Castilla-La Mancha (6,013 dead)

  • 240,286 in Castilla y León (6,930 dead)

  • 670,410 in Catalonia (14,741 dead)

  • 5,996 in Ceuta (116 dead)

  • 409,027 in the Valencian Community (7,416 dead)

  • 78,464 in Extremadura (1,807 dead)

  • 131,179 in Galicia (2,424 dead)

  • 736,016 in Madrid (15,466 dead)

  • 9,308 in Melilla (97 dead)

  • 115,522 in Murcia (1,606 dead)

  • 65,144 in Navarra (1,184 dead)

  • 206,511 in the Basque Country (4,545 dead)

  • 32,254 in La Rioja (778 dead)

07.15 The threat of the fifth wave, the young wave

The Ministry of Health fears that the high transmission affects vaccinated people who have not managed to get immunized and become seriously ill.

Some Autonomous Communities have already taken measures around nightlife and inoculation of adolescents.

The threat of the 'young wave' of the coronavirus

07.11 The EC says that in July there will be enough doses to vaccinate 70% of adults

The European Commission has reported that in July there will be enough doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to be able to vaccinate 70% of the adult population of the European Union and asked the authorities to administer them, given the disparities that exist between the Twenty-seven on the vaccination rate.

"We have set a goal of vaccinating 70% of the adult population. We believe that a sufficient number of doses will be administered this month to allow Member States to achieve this goal," said Stefan De Keersmaecker, Health spokesman for the Community Executive , according to Efe.

07.09 WHO warns of lack of money to respond to pandemic

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) were disappointed with the level of funding the agency has received in recent months, and admitted that it has

much less money than last year to respond to the



, for which are very limited.

"We have suffered in recent months (...) I am very disappointed with the level of funding we have received," said today the director of Health Emergencies of the WHO, Mike Ryan, in a meeting with Internet users on social networks, reports Efe .


A study in Israel ensures that the effectiveness of Pfizer against the Delta variant is lower than previously believed

Israel has presented a new study in which it notes a decrease in the effectiveness of the



against the


in preventing infections and symptomatic diseases, but claims that it remains highly effective in preventing serious diseases. The decline in effectiveness of



coincided with the spread of the

Delta variant

and the end of social distancing restrictions in Israel.

The study, published in the Financial Times, claims that the vaccine's effectiveness in preventing infections and symptomatic illnesses fell to 64% since June 6, the Health Ministry said.

A figure far removed from the 94% that most published studies on the drug contemplated.

At the same time, the


was 93% effective in preventing hospitalizations and serious illness from the




noted that the Israeli data was "preliminary and has not yet been fully evaluated."

He said existing evidence - a combination of lab tests and real-world studies - showed that his vaccine worked against a number of worrying variants, including Delta.

The study was based on "preliminary" figures relating to the efficacy of the


continuously collected by Israeli health authorities, warned Professor Nadav Davidovitch, who is part of the government's expert advisory committee on


. "Delta is much more infectious, but it doesn't seem to lead to as many serious illnesses or death, especially since we now have the vaccine," he said.

In May,

Public Health England

found that the vaccine provided 88% protection against symptomatic infection with


and 93% against the

Alpha variant

first identified in Kent.

According to that study, the protection conferred by two doses of the



, used largely in the UK mass vaccination program, was less, 66% for the Delta variant.

06.59 Madrid opens the self-appointment to vaccinate against the coronavirus to young people between 30 and 35 years old and to Erasmus


Community of Madrid

has opened today the self-appointment for




for young people between 30 and 35 years old who have not received any dose, as well as those over 16 years old who are going to

study the next course abroad

in the under the Erasmus program or who have been admitted to an international training program.

In this way, the Madrid government advances one day the possibility of vaccinating people between 30 and 35 years old, which was scheduled to begin this Wednesday, July 7 in the region.

On Monday the

Community of Madrid

expanded the number of vaccination spaces offered on the self-appointment platform, by adding four new Primary Care points.

These new points are located in the capital Madrid, in the district of Moratalaz (Centro de Salud Pavones) and in the district of Villaverde (Centro de Salud San Andrés), as well as in the municipalities of Leganés (Centro de Salud Santa Isabel) and Móstoles (Wise Presentation Health Center).

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