All high school graduates, now on vacation, know that: you have to read the stated question.


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Internet users

have forgotten this elementary instruction… You are teased but it is true that by asking you, in an article, why you watch the news channels continuously, whose audiences are rising to historic levels high for several months, we did not expect to receive so many comments from people who ... do not watch these channels.

It seems that you feel particularly targeted when you are told that CNews, the news channel of the Canal + group, a subsidiary of Vivendi, controlled by Vincent Bolloré, has recorded a historic season, tripling its audience since its launch in 2017. Desault, for example, takes the time to explain why he feels so much smarter than viewers: “I don't have a TV and I don't miss it at all.

I'd rather read, paint, and listen to music than leave the percentage of my brain available for idiocy.


Zemmour superstar

Fortunately, we found a few netizens to explain their love of CNews. A name comes up repeatedly, in about thirty messages sent by three people: Eric Zemmour. The far-right polemicist, condemned three times for inciting discrimination and hatred, is undoubtedly the head of the chain according to

20 Minutes

internet users

. Marie-Violette develops her argument: “We watch CNews from 7 pm until 9 pm. Today's news is decrypted and analyzed without taboos. The debates are often lively and allow us to see more clearly and very often to feel less alone in the face of this whole ideological society…. "

While several Internet users accuse BFM TV of being too close to the government's doctrine, CNews is praised for its offbeat tone.

Romain thus appreciates the presence of “speakers that we hardly see or see elsewhere, who offer another vision and analysis, different from those of the mainstream media.

"Where many of you criticize these channels for an overly right-wing ideology and a populist approach to news, fans of CNews and BFM TV on the contrary praise" another way of thinking, far from clichés and well-clichés. thinking ”, like Margot.


If the opinions seem irreconcilable between the pros and the anti-streaming news channels, there is one point on which you agree: the cacophony.

Julie confesses that, although she is "addicted" to CNews, she sometimes changes the channel when the debates "especially at Praud" become too noisy.

Bruno, who is more in the BFM TV camp, has the same assessment: “Journalists are sometimes overwhelmed by their guests or by columnists and we no longer understand anything.

Sometimes I skip CNews because of that, but it's even worse with them, so I turn off the TV… ”

Those allergic to news channels, even if they never watch them, also have this image of CNews, a “noisy and vain” place of debate, according to Salomé.

Let's leave the last word to Guy, whose message sums up quite well the positions of our Internet users without knowing if it's bacon or pig: "I live in a village where there is not much going on. thing and I let the chain run continuously at home.

I like this atmosphere of danger and the fact that they put all our problems on the Muslims' backs.

And this atmosphere of permanent scandal.

I'm addicted I need my daily shoot.



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