, July 5th. A few days ago, the costume drama "Meng Hualu" directed by Yang Yang, screenplay by Zhang Wei and starring Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Liu Yan, Lin Yun, Xu Haiqiao, and Dai Xu officially ended. The cast revealed the entire lineup. Stills and "Bianjing Yimeng" finale special.

Liu Yifei as Zhao Paner

  "Meng Hualu" tells the story of Zhao Pan'er (Liu Yifei), Sun Sanniang (Liu Yan) and Song Yinzhang (Lin Yun) with the help of Gu Qianfan (Chen Xiao). Fang management has become the inspirational story of Bianjing's largest restaurant.

  In the full lineup of stills, Zhao Pan'er, played by Liu Yifei, wore a peach-colored long dress, full of playful cheek support; Gu Qianfan, played by Chen Xiao, wore a dark dark patterned gown with an exquisite hair crown that was more gentle and youthful.

Sun Sanniang, played by Liu Yan, wears simple and elegant clothes, but has a bright smile and a hearty personality; Song Yinzhang, a talented girl from Jiangnan, played by Lin Yun, holds the pipa in her hands, her eyes revealing determination and determination.

  In addition to Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Liu Yan, Lin Yun, the film has a strong lineup, Xu Haiqiao, Dai Xu, Zhang Xiaoqian, Wang Luoyong, Bao Jianfeng, Yao Anlian, Liu Yajin and others also joined the cast.

Chen Xiao as Gu Qianfan

  It is reported that the director Yang Yang is very particular about each scene. Before shooting, he not only explores the match between the setting of the venue and the emotions of the characters in the play, but also discusses the current emotional expression of the characters and the trajectory of their inner activities with each actor.

  At present, the shooting of "Meng Hualu" has been completed, and it has entered the later stage of intensive work.