What role will Cyril Hanouna play in the next presidential election?

The question really arises as

Paris Match

tells us that the host of

Touche not at my post is

preparing to publish a book, co-written with the journalist and columnist Christophe Barbier, on October 6 at Fayard.


What the French told me

, this essay should set out the PAF troublemaker's “2022 vision for France”.

The work will be divided into several parts. On the one hand, researchers and communicators will analyze three years of programs broadcast on C8, be it

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where political figures and other witnesses of the news have marched. On the other hand, Cyril Hanouna will return to the role he played during the five-year term of Emmanuel Macron, from the beginnings of the “yellow vests” movement to the testimonies of victims of police and domestic violence.

The host confirmed the arrival of

What the French


Told Me

on his Twitter account, citing the information with a wink-like emoji.

Scheduled for the start of the school year, this book written in the first person is only a stone in the building that Cyril Hanouna wants to build for the deadline of 2022. Last April, the strong man of C8 confirmed his desire to propose a political program in which he would receive the candidates for the presidential election.


Cyril Hanouna wanted to run for the 2022 presidential election "to make a big joke"


Marlène Schiappa wants Cyril Hanouna to lead the debate between the two rounds of the 2022 presidential election

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