[Explanation] Right now, 25,000 mu of winter wheat in Manas County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang has gradually matured and entered the harvesting period one after another.

On July 2, in the wheat field of Baiyangshuzhuang Village, Letuyi Town, Manas County, the golden wheat waves undulated with the wind, and the heavy wheat ears were full, showing a bumper harvest. Two large combine harvesters were in the wheat field. Shuttle back and forth, harvesting golden wheat ears into warehouses.

  [Explanation] In 2020, Zhao Qian, a villager in Baiyangshuzhuang Village, Letuyi Town, Manas County, planted 1,800 mu of early-maturing wheat variety "Xindong 22" through land transfer. Due to the good foundation of wheat sowing and the in place field management, The wheat is growing well.

The joy of a bumper harvest made Zhao Qian motivated, and the state's agricultural subsidies made him full of confidence in planting wheat.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Qian, a wheat grower, Baiyangshuzhuang Village, Letuyi Town, Manasi County, Changji County, Xinjiang

  Today is harvesting. It is estimated that each acre will be between 400 and 500 kilograms. The current market price is estimated to be around RMB 2.8, which is 1,000 when calculated. The income is around 1,300. A subsidy of 220 yuan per mu of land is expected. It is estimated that each mu of land can earn between 400 and 500 yuan. With the subsidy from the state, we are more motivated to grow wheat.

  [Explanation] Manas County actively implements various national agricultural machinery subsidy policies and guides farmers to use modern machinery. Now with the continuous improvement of mechanized operations, the wheat harvest rate in Manas County has reached 100%.

This year, Zhao Qian joined the agricultural machinery cooperative, and invested 2 million yuan to purchase a new combine harvester through a shareholding method. Now the operating speed is at least two to three times faster than the previous harvester.

Under the leadership of Zhao Qian, a farmer from Baiyangshuzhuang Village, Ma Yijun, also joined the agricultural machinery cooperative.

  [Concurrent] Ma Yijun, a wheat grower, Baiyangshuzhuang Village, Letuyi Town, Manas County, Changji County, Xinjiang

  The process from planting to harvesting of wheat is all mechanized. The mechanized management has improved in all aspects, and then the output of wheat this year is better than in previous years, and the quality and yield of wheat have also been improved. This year's income is higher than in previous years. To increase.

  [Explanation] Agricultural mechanization has made wheat planting more convenient.

The application of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation has improved the yield and quality of wheat.

Through drip irrigation, water, nutrients, and drugs are accurately transported to the root soil of the crop, which can improve the accuracy of irrigation, fertilization, and pesticide application, and save water, fertilizer, medicine, and labor.

  [Explanation] In recent years, with the strong support of national policies and the implementation of various beneficial agricultural policies, farmers in Manas County have become enthusiastic about growing grain. At present, the number of wheat growers in Manas County has grown to 272, with a winter wheat planting area of ​​25,000. Mu, this year is expected to produce 700 kilograms per mu, with a yield of 13,000 tons.

  Report from Changji, Xinjiang by Rong Rui Walisjiang·Umarjiang

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]