During a climate summit in Austria, Greta Thunberg attacked the leaders and companies of rich countries in a virulent manner. In the face of "public pressure", "you have started to act. Not act for the climate. But act like in a role play. Playing politics, playing with words, playing with our future, ”she said Thursday during this meeting organized in Vienna by the former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, of Austrian origin. "Maybe it helps you sleep at night," but as you "pose as saviors" the "gap between rhetoric and reality keeps widening" and "becomes impossible to ignore" in the face of "Raging extreme weather events," lamented the 18-year-old Swede.

And to castigate "empty words", carbon neutrality objectives "full of gaps" and "manipulating" the data: "the emissions of imported goods, air and maritime transport" are for example ignored, she said. , also evoking "fanciful" means to achieve this.

"The climate crisis is today - at best - treated only as a business opportunity to create new jobs, activities and green technologies", further underlined the figurehead of the movement "Fridays for Future" and youth strikes for the climate.

"Encourage people" rather than threaten them

Greta Thunberg, whose speech was cut off before the end for technical reasons according to the organizers, spoke by videoconference in front of an audience of decision-makers gathered at the Austrian World Summit, an initiative launched five years ago by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In his opening message, the actor called for “encouraging people” rather than threatening them “with alarmist speeches”. "The challenges are immense," but "we can end the pollution," he insisted, using the word "terminate" in reference to his successful role as the



Among the list of participants were several political leaders including Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who praised his country's climate ambitions, and European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans, in charge of the Green Deal, and senior officials of the groups. American Ford and Apple.


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