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Fred van Leer has a good day

Presenter Fred van Leer can even be in a very good mood on a cool, drizzly summer day in July.

On Instagram he says that he has a "very nice" day.

Why is not clear, but it may have to do with the fact that the judge has today ruled that the 23-year-old suspect of the armed robbery against him will remain in custody until the substantive hearing in September.

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a few seconds ago

A book by mother and daughter

Loiza Lamers and her mother signed a contract on Thursday to write a book.

The story of the model and her mother can be read from December.

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Bring me back

Leco van Zadelhoff has a moment of nostalgia: the stylist longs to return to Greece, where the weather, as you can see from the photo, was very different from now in the Netherlands.

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Sister time

Kim-Lian van der Meij


a large part of her time in Sweden and can therefore not always visit her sisters.

If it does happen, it is immediately reason for some exclusive sister time.

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Covered in rainbows

Rihanna has her own lingerie line and also finds it important to speak out for the rights of every human being.

The singer has combined those two things with a set full of rainbows.

yesterday at 6:28 pm

Kim Kardashian is a tourist

The reality star is in Rome and does not miss the opportunity to pose at the Colosseum, among others.

"If you're in Rome...", writes Kardashian.

yesterday at 11:06

What bad luck

Patricia Paay was standing on the side of the road yesterday with a broken down car and therefore has to do everything on foot.

Fortunately, everything she needs is close by, because the singer hates rain.

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yesterday at 08:11

Hazes' seventieth birthday

André Hazes would have turned seventy today if he were still alive.

His daughter Roxeanne reminisces on Instagram about the time she spent with him.

The singer writes that she will always carry her father with her and cherish the memories.

Her mother Rachel shared a letter on Instagram that she wrote to the singer.

Son André shares a photo of him with his father, simply writing: "70".

yesterday at 07:03

Missing a thousand times

Rico Verhoeven is good at a lot of things, but golf is not one of them.

He writes on Instagram that he missed about a thousand times before the ball started moving.

yesterday at 05:03

A toilet picture

You rarely see them on Instagram: pictures of the toilet area.

However, Carice van Houten is so proud of that space in her house that she posts a photo of the fountain and her floral wallpaper on social media.

Tuesday at 11:23

Jan Versteegh is 'slightly dead'

Presenter Jan Versteegh says he

is 'slightly dead'

after cycling 87 kilometers.

Another Instagram Story shows how Versteegh works up a sweat in the gym.

"Jan the holiday man is back!"

Tuesday at 11:09

As a farmer with a toothache

Olcay Gulsen is on holiday and poses for a bikini photo.

Although the presenter leaves it at this one snapshot.

"Laugh like a farmer with a toothache. Is that bikini picture on it? Then I can stop with this awkward pose and just breathe again. How do those other folks do this?" Gulsen wonders.

Tuesday at 11:07

Britney Spears candidly told her story in court last week and is recovering from it on the beach of Maui.

The singer says she enjoys the weather and the people.

Enjoying the beach

Tuesday at 11:07

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