China News Service, Xining, June 29 (Li Jun) "We are the first to carry out a pilot project for community leasing of assistive devices for the disabled in Chengxi District, Xining, to meet the short-term and emergency needs of rehabilitation assistive devices for the disabled and increase the use of rehabilitation assistive devices. Effectiveness, reduce the cost of use, and continue to meet the needs of the disabled for the provision of multi-level, diversified and personalized rehabilitation assistive devices." Jiang Xingrong, director of the rehabilitation department of the Qinghai Disabled Persons’ Federation, said at the launch ceremony on the 29th.

  On the same day, the launching ceremony of the community leasing of assistive devices for the disabled in Qinghai Province was held in Xining City.

The 27 community rental demonstration sites for assistive devices for the disabled, covering grass-roots communities and business circles in the west of the city, will be gradually put into operation from now on.

The picture shows the staff demonstrating the method of wheelchair rental.

Photo by Li Jun

  Xining Huixiaoyuan Social Service Center is the undertaker of the assistive device rental pilot project of the Disabled Particularity.

In accordance with the requirements of the "Notice of Xining Disabled Persons' Federation on the Pilot Work of Assisting Devices for the Disabled in the Community" and the specific arrangements made by the provincial, municipal, and district disabled persons' federations for assistive device rental, a total of 200 vehicles have been put on the rental site this time Manual wheelchairs, 30 electric wheelchairs, 26 standing wheelchairs and 2 stair climbers.

  The reporter saw that dozens of wheelchairs were arranged in the rental system at the demonstration site for assistive devices for the disabled in Greenland County, West District, and the staff unlocked a wheelchair with a rental card at the system swiping card.

  "After matching this card with the identity information of the disabled, one card can be realized for one person, and the use of these assistive devices can be seen through the disabled registration system, and the disabled can also use Alipay to scan the QR code to realize real-name rental. The demonstration project will not be used during the period of use. The deposit and rental fees are free." Hui Yong said.

The picture shows a demonstration site for assistive device rentals that have been put into use.

Photo by Li Jun

  It is reported that the Qinghai Disabled Persons’ Federation will make full use of existing resources to further clarify the work requirements of each service link such as service application, configuration evaluation, service provision, cleaning and disinfection, complaints and rights protection, and safety assurance.

Promote the establishment of a convenient and accessible community rental service network for rehabilitation assistive devices covering both urban and rural areas.

Support the community rental service companies of assistive devices for rehabilitation to open a wide range of service outlets and explore the application of online and offline service models.

  "We must further increase the public's awareness, recognition and participation in the pilot work, and sum up the experience of the pilot work, so that the successful experience can be better replicated in the province and achieve greater results. Disabled people And his family's sense of gain, happiness, and security are more substantial, secure and sustainable." Jiang Xingrong said. (Finish)