Gaspard Augé refuses to let Justin Bieber get away with it.

The French artist, half of the electro duo Justice, is indeed engaged in a legal battle with the Canadian star, after the release of his last album, which is entitled…



And which takes up the imagery of the French group.

"The world works like this now, and it's a little sad," the musician told The


, clearly disappointed.

“Even though Bieber is from Canada, his actions correspond to this idea of ​​American hegemony.

"Well, it's just a small French group, I'm sure we can steal their name, everyone doesn't care" (…) Obviously, the word "Justice" and the cross do not belong to us.

But it was Bieber's management who contacted us first to ask where our logo came from, so it's not an unfortunate coincidence.

For me, this is a very conscious scam.

And this is where the shoe pinches, ”he added.


Last April, Gaspard Augé and the other member of Justice, Xavier de Rosnay were dismissed of their complaint by the court of Nanterre, which considered that, if similarities do indeed exist, the resemblance is not "obvious. », So clear, especially since the worlds of Justice and Justin Bieber are very different. Not to discourage them, since according to

Le Parisien

, the French want to continue their fight on the merits, that is to say "on the existence of acts of counterfeiting as well as unfair competition and parasitism. The legal debate remains open and Justice is determined to have its rights recognized, ”assured the lawyers of the two stars.

Justin Bieber, he claims that he himself designed the logo in question, without being aware of the existence of the French training.

Certain facts allow to doubt this version: last year, the management of the Canadian indeed contacted So Me, the graphic designer who created the logo of Justice.

Officially, to "design a stylized version of his name to use it for his next tour," says the daily.

If the team of Justin Bieber knows the work of So Me, difficult to ignore that he collaborated with Justice… Case to be continued.


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