The Supreme Court prosecuted in a trial in which a major pharmaceutical company Novartis Pharma and a former employee were acquitted in the first and second trials for falsifying data in a clinical study of antihypertensive drugs and were charged with violating the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. The decision was made to dismiss the appeal and the innocence was confirmed.

The acquittals are confirmed by the major pharmaceutical company Novartis Pharma and former employee Nobuo Shirahashi (70).

Under investigation by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office, the data was falsified in the clinical research of the antihypertensive drug "Diovan", and the research team of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine was made to publish a false paper. Was charged with.

In the first and second trials, both were acquitted, saying that "the treatise is not an advertisement regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law," and the prosecution appealed.

Atsushi Yamaguchi, the judge of the First Small Court of the Supreme Court, made a decision by the 29th, saying, "It is important how the recipient of drug information can accept whether or not it violates the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. It is not an advertisement that violates the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law because it is subject to the verification and criticism of experts. "

Novartis Pharma "Deep remorse and apology"

Novartis Pharma believes that the essence of this problem lies not only in the legal aspects but also in our failure to take appropriate action in doctor-led clinical research, and we feel a social responsibility. We deeply regret and apologize for the inconvenience caused to the whole and the great loss of trust in Japanese medicine and medical care. "