, Lanzhou, June 29 (Zhang Jing) 7 years of petition work at the grassroots level has enabled Shi Huaiyan, who is capable of acting, to be more vigorous and dedicated to his work.

"From the point of view of the appealer, solve problems for the people." She said that during the process of handling letters and receiving visitors, "warm people with love" is a letter and visit technique she has explored.

  It is with this kind of work experience to "relieve people's worries", Shi Huaiyan, who now works in the Women's Federation, also shows her feminine demeanor from the perspective of the clients.

When she entered the township, she found that some widows and lonely elderly, mentally handicapped and five-guarantees, elderly people living alone, and special groups such as those who cannot take care of themselves and have no guardians. Under the care and care of the local government, their living supplies are guaranteed, but their spiritual outlook remains. poor.

  The Women's Federation of Yuzhong County, where Shi Huaiyan works, is located in Lanzhou City. Because it occupies the advantage of being close to the provincial capital, most of the young and middle-aged people in rural areas go out to work.

After seeing this, she decided to use her female power to organize women to carry out meticulous volunteer services, regularly helping to wash clothes, clean the house, tidy up the courtyard, and do housework.

  Under Shi Huaiyan’s organization, the Women’s Federation of Yuzhong County established the first “Women Cleaning Team” in Gansu Province in 2018. They cut nails, cut hair, washed clothes, dried quilts, and even harvested corn for farm work. The cadres of the Women’s Federation in the village have naturally become the leaders of this "nanny-style" voluntary service. The team has grown from three or four people to more than 10 people, and now more women have joined. The volunteers of the "mother cleaning team" in Yuzhong County The total number of participants reached more than 2,300.

  Shi Huaiyan recalled that in order to understand the actual situation of each household in the special group, she "touched the family" from house to house at the beginning of the establishment of the cleaning team, keeping in mind what services were needed.

"From 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening, I visited 6 towns in one day." She said that after the visit, she came to provide services to individual extremely difficult families.

  Among them, a five-guarantee household in Fengjiawan Village, Heping Town, the county left a deep impression on Shi Huaiyan.

"The living environment is dirty and chaotic. The courtyard is filled with debris. In the 30-square-meter house, except for a bed, almost all the other space is occupied by debris. There is no cleaning for many years, and the space in the house is extremely small and constrained. Elderly people who are stubborn and unwilling to accept help from others," she said.

  Regarding Shi Huaiyan's visit, the old man showed an attitude of irritability and reluctance to communicate.

"I bought some daily necessities, familiarized myself with them, and patiently persuaded them, and then started voluntary work." She said that the women in the cleaning team borrowed the Murakami shelf to transport the washing machine to the five-guarantee households for sanitation.

  However, in the eyes of individual villagers, these efforts are cadres' style of "showing" and pursuing utilitarianism.

For this reason, Shi Huaiyan feels aggrieved. There is no salary and no benefits. The reason for this is to hope that through the meager power of women, special groups can also enjoy a good living environment.

  Shi Huaiyan said that the "women's cleaning team" is different from material assistance, focusing on life care, psychological comfort, etc., through the small things of "cleaning the house" to change the mental state and life outlook of special groups.

With the gathering of local women's power, the work of the cleaning team has gradually improved, and it has also achieved a good reputation.

  In addition, the Women’s Federation of Yuzhong County also innovated in 2017 to form the “Mother Anti-drug Team”, combining women’s own advantages, and playing the role of 242 “Mother Anti-drug Teams”. Families carry out anti-drug propaganda and help and education, and the locals provide professional training for members of the "mother anti-drug team", from introducing the types of drugs, telling the dangers of drugs to individuals, families, and society, and teaching them how to carry out their work and how to promote them Members, in their respective jurisdictions to publicize and become a household name.

  As a result, the Women’s Federation of Yuzhong County has won support and encouragement from the Women’s Federation of Gansu Province in the work of the women’s home beauty points supermarket and the Longyuan Qiaoshou base, and won the 2020 National Women’s Propaganda and Public Opinion Front Construction Advanced Unit, and Longyuan, Gansu Province for poverty alleviation. Titles such as the advanced group of women and the construction of the public opinion position for women in Gansu Province in 2020.