Kuwait .. The death of his mother's killer and the policeman in hospital

The accused of killing his mother and a traffic policeman in Kuwait died a short while ago in Al-Adan Hospital, as a result of a sharp drop in blood circulation as a result of gunshots that hit him during an exchange of fire with Special Forces men, at the moment of his arrest, as reported by the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas.

The newspaper added that the accused of the two crimes of killing his mother and the policeman died inside the hospital, as a result of the severe injuries he sustained as a result of an exchange of fire with the men of the Special Forces intrusion squad.

The accused was shot this morning in the leg and forearm, before he was caught by the special forces intrusion squad, near a farm in the Wafra area, as a result of his clash with them, and refused to comply with their orders to surrender, and shot them, using the traffic policeman who stole him and fled after doing so. kill him.