Governor Satake of Akita Prefecture said, "I'm sorry for the inadvertent inconvenience." I apologized.

According to Akita Prefecture, at around 2:30 pm on the 27th, a car driven by Governor Satake touched the wire rope that separates the upper and lower lines on the down line of the Tohoku Expressway on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan in Yurihonjo City.

Due to this accident, the down line between Ouchi Junction and Matsugasaki-Kameda Interchange was temporarily closed.

Governor Satake apologized in the prefectural office on the morning of the 28th, saying, "I'm really sorry for my carelessness and inconvenience."

Then, when my wife and I went to the roadside station in Nikaho City and had a meal on the way home, and when we had an accident, we took out the tissue from our pants pocket and blew our nose. I explained that I made a mistake in operating the handle.

The wife who was riding with Governor Satake in this accident was not injured.

Governor Satake is now 73 years old and will continue to drive when shopping on weekends, but will decide whether to return his license when he renews his driver's license next year.