, Lanzhou, June 28 (Yan Jiao) From 25th to 27th, the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism held four "Symphonic Silk Road Ruyi" in Shanghai for tourists from South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Gansu" cultural tourism series special promotion activities, on-site released a rich and diverse cultural tourism resources and tourism route products, as well as Gansu characteristics of Dunhuang dance, flower singing and dancing performances, as well as rich and diverse characteristic intangible cultural heritage and cultural and creative products. Let Chinese and foreign guests feel the unique charm of "Poetry and Distance" at close range.

  It is understood that the event is hosted by the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Ctrip Group. It is aimed at the national tourism market of foreigners in China, integrates online and offline tourism product marketing resources, and promotes transnational cultural exchanges by expanding the international tourist source of Gansu tourism. Establish Gansu's international tourism destination brand, promote mutually beneficial and win-win pragmatic cooperation with countries along the Silk Road in the field of cultural tourism, broaden the form and content of foreign cultural and tourism exchanges and cooperation, and further enhance the connotation and quality of Gansu's cultural tourism brand.

Tourists rode camels in Dunhuang Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring Scenic Spot, forming a sightseeing camel team nearly 2 kilometers long.

(Data Map) Photo by Wang Binyin

  According to Wan Keke, deputy director of the Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Gansu has seized the opportunity of the “Belt and Road” construction and continued to hold “One Conference and One Session”, and the level of opening up to the outside world is constantly improving.

With the help of the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, Dunhuang Travel·Silk Road International Tourism Festival and other international festival platforms, the hall highlights the advantages of Gansu's characteristic cultural tourism resources, and continues to create a Chinese style, Longyuan charm, and ethnic characteristics. Exquisite projects, actively promote cultural tourism exchanges and cooperation with countries and regions along the Silk Road, and continuously improve the level of internationalization and marketization of Gansu cultural tourism.

  Wu Ming, chief vice president of the Korea Chamber of Commerce in China, Shanghai, said that through movies, WeChat, Douyin, and Jin Yong’s novels, Koreans have learned about Gansu’s vast land, rich culture and history, and rich tourism resources.

For Koreans in China to go to Gansu, a cost-effective tourist destination, a parent-child self-driving tour is a very good choice.

Gansu has released rich and diverse cultural tourism resources and tourism products for tourist source markets such as South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Photo courtesy of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

  Said Fariza Emini, Consul General of Malaysia in Shanghai, said that Gansu's rich tourism resources are extremely attractive to the Malaysian source market.

Through this promotion, we have a new and deeper understanding of Gansu's cultural tourism resources. The next step will be to continue to strengthen cooperation with Gansu Province in market development, exchange of source of tourists, mutual participation in festivals, etc., so that cultural tourism between the two places Cooperative development has taken a step forward.

  During the event, Gansu also simultaneously carried out online promotion of special cultural tourism resources, carried out precision marketing for foreigners in China to divert Gansu, fully activated the enthusiasm of international passenger travel in China, and promoted foreigners in China to understand Gansu, go to Gansu, and love Gansu will drive the transformation of tourism consumption and help make Gansu an internationally influential tourist destination.