Last year, it was found that the number of accidents in which children were seriously injured exceeded 2000 at childcare facilities nationwide, the highest number ever.

In five of these cases, children died and the country is calling for thorough safety management.

The Cabinet Office requires childcare facilities, kindergartens, and after-school children's clubs nationwide to report a serious accident if a child dies in an accident or is seriously injured for more than 30 days. I am.

A total of 2015 accidents were reported in the last year, 271 more than in the previous year.

This is the highest number ever, and has more than tripled compared to six years ago when we started collecting statistics in its current form.

The number of accidents at licensed daycare centers was the highest at 1081, followed by after-school children's clubs at 429 and kindergarten-linked certified children's institutes at 312.

In terms of the degree of injury, "fractures" were the most common, accounting for more than 80% of the total.

In addition, there were 5 fatal accidents, 3 accidents caused by suffocation due to food clogging, and 1 sudden death during sleep.

In addition, 14 accidents that caused unconsciousness were reported.

The Cabinet Office cites that the number of children using childcare facilities is increasing due to the increase in double-income families as the reason for the highest number of accident reports, and the Cabinet Office has mentioned that children are playing in the water and sleeping in childcare facilities. We request that you take thorough safety measures especially in situations where serious accidents are likely to occur, such as in the middle.